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How To Create a Marketing List


Marketing is very important in any industry whether you are running a vegetable market or you are selling insurance. In order to be successful and increase your sales and profits you need to come up with strategies that are not only effective but also practical. Coming up with a marketing list is one of those strategies. When you create a marketing list, you need to follow the following steps;

Step 1

In order to be successful in your marketing campaign you need to come with a list of email addresses. Do not spam people’s email addresses. Whatever message you are going to send to the people in your email address, make sure they have some interest somehow in the product or service you are trying to sell. Obviously you are going to include the people that have shown some kind of interest in your product before or people that have enquired about your products and services.

Step 2

An important rule is, do not purchase email addresses on the internet. Using such an email list is not only unprofessional but it is also costly. You will find that most of the those email addresses do not even exist and some are only undeliverable email addresses. The people own those emails are now fed up of being used over and over, so chances are you will never get a response from such a person. So how should you go about the whole process?

Step 3

To create a marketing list you need to have your own website, and then create subscription form on your website. Anyone interested in your product or service will need to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. This is an effective and professional way of creating a marketing list that is effective. At least potential clients in this case have a choice of joining your list or not.

Step 4

When you create a marketing list make sure you only send important information and tips to your subscribers. The email should contain what the customers want to hear. You want to make sure that your potential customers can at least look forward to your next newsletter or email. The emails must also be send regularly, and when you write use a friendly tone, you want to keep the readers interested in your emails.

Step 5

To create a marketing list, you can also make use of your friends from college, church and other social clubs. Talk to them about your product and ask for their email address. This is a polite way of compiling your email list. The emails must therefore be able to communicate a big message in a simple way.


In order to create a marketing list you must therefore be very professional. By all means possible you must not harvest emails from the internet. Those people do not need your services, only send to people who have shown an interest in the product you are offering, people who have a potential of buying your products. The easiest way you can do all this is to create an attractive website that has got all those features.

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