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There are several reports confirming that marketing media has advanced from the original tool people used to know it with to a very big marketing platform where it can deliver huge amount of ads to a global audience. Marketing media produces web traffic, enhances conversions and sales, and helps in branding, marketing research and developing email lists. The development in this organization has given birth to several career options which are related to marketing media. There are so many marketing media jobs available in the industry and a marketing media manager is one of such jobs as the duty is to manage the accomplishment of so many media activities for customers. Social bookmarking, news, networking, and tagging sites are programs that could be managed by marketing media manager.

Reputation managers and Copy writers

Reputation manager is basically concerned with the management and removal of negative information concerning a company or products when it pops up in search engines due to the quality of internet or lowering it in the search rankings. Another position is the copy writer who is employed to write sales letters, brochures, websites or ads. Copy writer could also be useful in the area of social marketing media by writing articles for bookmarking and news sites or strategic information for social networking sites which will help in driving traffic to a customer’s website.

Link builders and editors:

Link builders have been identified as people who are relevant in making sure internet domains are built according to the specification and expectations of the owners. Back links are one of the major elements to online marketing and a link builder makes sure that these links gets to your sites. A link builder utilizes all elements of social media to place links and form high-quality back links. The editor’s or writer’s position is a sensitive one. Editors are responsible for forming content for various listeners and publications. Some editorial specialists work in-house which means that they are employees of a marketing media company like magazine, newspaper or advertising agency. Even, some specialists work in places as freelance writers and editors and at times they work for several other places at the same time. Some editors and writers have a degree in journalism and or English as writing and communication skills are the major things required to function effectively in the marketing media industry.

Other media professionals

Marketing in its nature and interpretation is basically concerned with the promotion of products or services and marketing experts usually achieve this by working with other media professionals like people in advertising and public relations to create awareness, makes sure that the company’s image is well represented and also promotes sales to a reasonable extent thereby increasing sales or revenue. There are so many category of work attached to the marketing media. Jobs like middlemen are available as they work with the advertising agency creating the ads and the company the agency is forming the ads on their behalf.


Finally, Advertising is also another professional concept marketing media and requires experts to handle it. People in this unit work with almost all the department of the media industry in order to achieve the company set goals. Advertising experts are concerned mainly in forming or selling advertisements as they work for a magazine or newspaper establishments by selling advertising space to companies or they work for advertising agencies organizing the advert for other companies to show on television or in print media.

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