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With intense competition among the brands for consumer recognition, many advertisers and promoters are now looking towards marketing their products more creatively. The reason is simple; with social networking many of the advertisements that companies make become viral and help companies promote themselves easily without any cost. Also creative marketing helps in making your product and service more recognizable compared to simple promotions. Nike became a household name in United States and in fact the entire world by just coming up with the logo, ‘just do it’. Designed by Weiden Kennedy, the brand logo is now one of the most recognizable brand elements.


Creative marketing is what draws the customers in. By creating a ‘stop effect’ many creative marketers have successfully made customers brand loyalists. These customers of products and services are in turn word of mouth marketers for them. Many advertising companies are now turning the focus of their operations and ways of doing things to foster creativity. Famous advertising companies like Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Burnett and Weiden Kennedy have all built themselves into advertising machines that help induce a creative element in their electronic and print advertisements. Creative marketing is a contemporary concept of marketing as it helps in two ways; it helps in branding your service and product and in creating effective relationship with your customers.


Creative marketing just doesn’t mean that you have to make cute and funny ads that catch your customer’s attention. It pertains to advertising to the right customers too. The thing is that you can make your marketing efforts reach a large number of customers by creating simple yet innovative ads but to reach the right audience is worth your money and effort. Creative marketing helps in creating a relationship among you and your customers. The marketers try to showcase those ideas that are mutual among the brand and the customers. These can be simple everyday things that are a source of joy and happiness for us or things that commonly irritate us. For instance Coca Cola ads usually promote concepts like friends, family, happiness and celebration. Manufacturers of a famous detergent, ‘Surf Excel’ use dirt as a promotional gimmick. This shows that marketers use everyday issues that customers face and try to present them in relevancy to their products and services. This helps establish a connection between the product and the customer for a repurchase. There is one issue though with creative marketing. Sometimes ideas that are reflected in advertisements don’t go along with the market tastes and feelings. Ads sometimes portray or are perceived to be vulgar, inappropriate or plain nonsensical for the customers. Advertisements like these contribute more to the company loss as they affect the goodwill and brand reputation.

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Creative marketing has grown every important since customers now have substantial growing power and are more sensitive to prices and quality. Creativity in marketing helps businesses and brands in coping with the rising scrutiny they face. From consumer protection laws to competitions from other brands, marketers now rely heavily on creativity to distinguish their brands.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/19/2012
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