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How To Do Web Site Marketing


One of the tools widely used and applied in marketing products and services is the Web Site Marketing. This employs a number of marketing strategies which include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Display Advertising and other traditional marketing strategies to attract more people to enter your site. 

Here are some steps to apply in doing Web Site Marketing:

Step 1

Define your purpose.

Before going into the specifics of creating the web site marketing, define the purpose and goals that you wanted to achieve. This will serve as your guide in conceptualizing the web site marketing considering how it would look and what contents are in your site. Ask if you would like to top in the search engine ranking, or would you like many people to visit your site. When your purpose is already clear, identify the specific web site marketing strategies that would apply in your site.

Step 2

Use email marketing.

In email marketing, one of the web site marketing strategies, the customer’s email is used as an important way of promoting the product or service. This can be done by requesting the customer to sign up to avail the free newsletter, special offers, other transactional letters, reminders and updates.

Step 3

Use search engine marketing.

When your goal is to rank high in the search engines, this is the best web site marketing to be used. In search engine marketing, the words that must be used in the page title are rich in keyword. As much as possible remove any word filler such as ‘the’ but make sure that the tile is still complete. Also, add a description META tag, which is a 2-3 sentence description under the hyperlinked title in the search engines. In this description, use only the main keywords. In addition, use XML site maps to help all your web pages linked to the search engines.

Step 4

Use social media marketing.

This web site marketing uses different types of social media to promote your site. It includes blogs, forums, social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Through this social media, links to your site could be posted, which allows the people to know your site and can help in contributing traffic to you page. Thus, it is a must to become a part of any social media by starting to write a blog or signing up in different forums and social networking sites. Also, you can request visitors to bookmark you site.

Step 5

Use other strategies.

Other web site marketing includes offering free services, announcing a contest and placing display advertising to your page. The concept here is to make some spark with a twist of fun that would ignite the people to engage in your site. This will generate traffic to your page also.


In web site marketing, effective design and content that is creative and technical is a must.

Sources and Citations

The above steps are just some guide in doing web site marketing. The success of your page would heavily depend on the main purpose and the right web site marketing strategies to be applied.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/10/2012
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