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How To Do Internet Online Marketing


People are all hooked up in the Internet cloud. Its as if they're completely lost when they are restricted to Internet access. Billions of people use the Internet each day and this is why a lot of businesses take another step by moving in to the cloud as well. This is also why there is now such thing as Internet online marketing and its practically everywhere in every webpage that you open. If you're planning to start your online business, make sure to do the right steps in doing Internet online marketing.

Step 1

Know your market. The very basic step in Internet online marketing is to get to know your market. You should know what your target market is, where you can find them, how they behave, what they usually do in the Internet. Knowing your Internet online marketing first determines where you would want to make your advertisements and do your marketing strategies.

Step 2

Check whats new in the Internet. In Internet online marketing, it is very important to know where to go to advertise your brand. So look for something new that people are all into. Good niches for this are social networks such as Facebook. There are a lot of people all over the world who use Facebook. So depending on your target market, you can choose this social network as your tool.

Step 3

Make an impactful tagline. Just like any marketing strategies, having an impactful tagline for your brand is also effective advertisement especially in Internet online marketing. You should choose the right words that would make your brand famous, and would also help people remember your brand. For example, when you hear the line, "Just do it" you would immediately associate it with the Nike brand. Always remember to keep it short, simple, and memorable.

Step 4

Make your advertisements attractive. Dull, unattractive, unoriginal and uncreative advertisements are not effective in Internet online marketing. You have to think about a design for your advertisement that would make sure to catch the eyes of your prospective customers. Make it colorful, interesting but don't overdo the images or decorations that you put in your advertisements. You can also put some noise so that when opening a certain page, people will search for it and notice your advertisement before even putting your advertisement on mute. You may also make your advertisement interactive just like those that would allow people to play a mini game first and then your ad shows up. Just make sure that your ads wont look like its a lure for opening spyware and other dangerous and infective content in the Internet.

Step 5

Think of marketing gimmicks. In Internet online marketing, promos and other offers are very effective marketing gimmicks. This is also what ultimately attracts customers because people usually are interested for prizes, freebies, or inexpensive stuff. Marketing gimmicks create a lot of noise for your brand and people would be curious about it. You could see a lot of examples of marketing gimmicks in Facebook. There are some Facebook pages which advertise prizes for the 100th liker or they would choose from those that liked their page for a chance to win freebies and discounts. Think of some activities such as games or any contests and think about the things that you can offer as prize, such as discounts, or some small freebies from your brand.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/13/2012
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