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When a company wants to reach large audiences in a cheap and appropriate way, public marketing becomes the solution. This is because in involves the creation and the distribution of information .first and foremost, the information is in the form of stories, some published by the press media and some through the television and radio. Most media companies do not charge for the publishing of the articles but they value them as very important to the reader. Public marketing in itself has the capacity to reach many people for a small cost and therefore generating many sales leads for the organization.


When a company wants to bring a new product to the market, most of the times, they are torn between advertising and public marketing. An advert in the media is expensive because you have to pay for the space or time for the advertisement. In public marketing, the results are gained by publicizing a product in news conferences and press releases.


Another benefit of public marketing is that there is no power of propagation of publicizing the product. This is because the product can be spread to as many stations as possible. Compared to advertising, an advertisement that is meant for one media station can not be run in another station. This is because the terms of the advertisement of the advertisement are different for m those of the public marketing.

Public marketing is very beneficial since there is no limitation on the circulation of the promotion. This is because it is not attached to any cost. Public marketing products and materials can be published very any times and distributed to many people. The product or piece holds a neutral opinion. As you reader an article, you simply get the general impression about an item. Public marketing is better compared top other forms of marketing, this is because it is simplified and presents the view for news items as a replacement for of the propaganda and hype presented in other methods.

Public marketing campaigns will also provide expert opinions and insights from media and news editors. This is after an article goes in the printing by the media. In public marketing, there is openness and you are able to remain in touch with the live media.

Important to Note

Public marketing will describe the various ways in which a company can use to distribute information about its products, services or an overall image to the customers, share holders, stakeholders, the material suppliers and any other interested parties. The main issue under public marketing is to bring the favorable impression to the people named above.

Though advertisement is to some extent related to public marketing, the goals are different to that of public marketing. This is because the main reason of public marketing is to promote good will to the clientele, share holders and the general public compared to advertisements that are meant to bring in more customers. Public marketing therefore decreases the gap between how people outside the organization see it and how the organization sees it self.


By Lawrence Kamau, published at 03/12/2012
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