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Marketing can be a crucial area for a business. It is as important as knowing a company's balance. Unfortunately, there are business owners or managers who only market when it is needed. This can lead to lower profits and unsold products or service. Companies must be willing to track marketing regularly. It takes different people to help with marketing. These people should enjoy looking at sale data, monitoring marketing results and communicating with other marketers. There are a range of marketing careers available for those who desire the field. Some of the careers require education, such as marketing managers. 

Marketing managers can obtain well-known opportunities within the field. Few companies can maintain an existence without decent marketing. As part of marketing careers, these professionals work with companies to establish sales and promotional guidelines. Companies do not hire people without any marketing knowledge, such as an undergraduate degree. Companies need people who can get results and help products sell. Before embarking on this career choice, a person should feel comfortable learning about sales and want to interact with different people. According to Degree Directory, marketing managers interact with product managers and advertising personnel. Working in this marketing careers can lead to high income.


Survey researchers are responsible for planning and monitoring marketing results. As a marketing careers professional, researchers hold a critical job within many companies. They must ensure the accuracy of massive data and information. According to Career Planner, data and information can come from questionaires, general interviews, and polls. Companies utilize the data to make major managerial decisions. Without accurate information, companies can experience product delays and lost income. To become a survey researcher, you can work you way up from an entry-level position. These individuals should work well with numbers. However, some companies require marketing careers researchers who hold a marketing degree.   

Marketing careers can include assistant marketing coordinators. Assistant marketing coordinators work under the guidelines of marketing coordinators and more senior marketing executives. Their duties vary based on the company and its needs. For example, they may perform some clerical duties, such as photocopying. Other possible job duties include assisting coordinators with press releases and tracking sales marketing data. Depending on the company, assistant marketing coordinators may need a degree in business or marketing. Moreover, these professionals need to operate under tight deadlines. As an assistant, they must be able to work well with other professionals, including sales professionals. 


Different industries need people for marketing careers. These industries can include physical printing companies and book publishing companies. One potential career involves circulation manager. Circulation managers manage printed products, which are produced and distributed under tight deadlines. The managers should track inventory levels and know how to improve circulation. Companies do not want to keep printed products for long periods where money is not earned. Circulation managers must be aware of getting fast results for their management. They should have organizational, communication and supervisory skills. Companies select circulation managers who have a degree. Common degrees include marketing, journalism and business. 

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