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There is no mistaking the goal of marketing development, regardless of the organization or situation. It is to motivate or persuade people to take a specific action: to buy a product or service; to adopt an idea to cause; to provide political support or to change an opinion.


Firms need to market their products or services profitably. To do so, an overall marketing policy must be established, including product development, market research, marketing development, market strategies, promotion, and effective pricing and packaging.


In other words, the goal of marketer in marketing development is to figure out what consumers have a need for, and sales people try to encourage people to buy what they are selling. The process of marketing development begins at the beginning of the cycle by looking at potential customers and asking, “what do they need?” Once that is determined, marketers look at their companies and ask, “Do we know how to produce it, and can we make money doing it?”

Marketing executives in the process of marketing development determine the demand for products and services offered by the firm and identify potential customers, including business firms, wholesalers, retailers, government or general public. Mass markets are further categorized according to various factors such as region, age, income, and lifestyle.

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In small firms all marketing development activities may be assumed by the owner or chief executive officer. In large firms, which may offer numerous products and services nationally or even globally experienced professionals work together to coordinate these and the other related activities.

Once marketers come up with product ideas, they need to strategize on marketing development. They also need to communicate with product development departments. In some industries these might be scientists or engineers. A team forms that includes marketing management, marketing researchers, engineers, advertisers, financial advisers, and eventually sales people.

First the team engages in marketing research and marketing development. This step determines if the product idea is something the customers really want. Market researchers set up focus, bringing groups of consumers together to discuss what isn’t working in their environment and what they truly need.

Professionals working in marketing development and research departments turn to consumers to determine what they worry about, desire, think, believe and hold dear. Marketing development process involves surveys, one-on-one, utilize existing research, test consumer reaction to new products and advertising copy, track sales figures and buying trends, and become overall experts on consumer behavior.

Marketing is an ever field while careers in marketing development are never in short supply. Marketing development is a highly challenging job. Companies have always been looking to attract the most talented, experienced and dynamic marketing people. Companies work hard to retain key marketing professionals for they constitute the backbone of their enterprise. Even the best products can fail in the absence of adequate marketing support. Similarly, the top professionals in marketing development look forward for opportunities to work in the best companies and are motivated by the challenges coming ahead in the way. Marketing development professionals have an ear to the ground and are quick to register consumer preferences and tastes.

By Ajit Kumar Jha, published at 03/26/2012
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