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Benefits Of a Marketing Consultant


The concept of marketing consultant emerged with the urge to take up a collectively innovative decision where a transition takes place from the marketing department which is usually dependent to an independent phase. The main objective of the competition in the arena of marketing is to create and dominate over the numerous opportunities emerging at an invariable speed. as a ground level strategy employed by expert marketers the focus or orientation of any specific business not only based on the competition within the existing market but also outside of it. The marketing consultant provides the organization with a strategy may in the shape of a balanced score card that helps in reviewing their objective and core values.


The job of a marketing consultant if to identify and equate on the price performance trade-offs that the customers are interested to opt, competitive channels or ways with which products or services can be differentiated on reliable grounds, the optimal degree of vertical integration. Specifically the consultant helps in identifying the emerging opportunity arenas and molding the opportunities into strategic choices. These marketing consultants usually focus on the competition for opportunistic shares than the market share. This option provides the company to increase the share of opportunity within a potential arena. These setups provide ample opportunity to envisage a new set of customer benefits so as to develop a radical orientation towards market penetration.


As a normal featured activity the marketing consultant develops the value chain analysis of the business setup that helps understand analyze the business positioning against of the competitors. The consultants are responsible for delivering the various options available for the optimum utilization of the available resources. They segregate the entire system on the grounds of performance, hence improving the competitive capacity by providing high level of autonomy to various segments. Through this he marketing consultant effectively control the links between quality, innovation and customer orientation. They are responsible for creating a strategic framework or architecture that viaduct the link between controls over finance and planning in a participatory manner. These methodologies employed helps in identifying the following details:

Tips and comments

Identifying the competitor and the grounds on which the rivalry is going to take its shape within the strategic group

The option of movement from one to the other strategic group

Identifying the hidden and available strategic opportunities

Identification of numerous strategic concerns left unsolved

the marketing consultant provides the opportunity to project the preference vector acting as the consumers most preferred attributes. this perceptual map generated over the customers preference, helps ideating on the available options and resources for the future development as the ranking conceptualizes on the factors like perception of market, insight of product or service and the firms operation to a large extent. this helps in portraying the appropriate picture of the existing capacity and the level to which it is being used in the expected direction, thus reviewing the internal capacity to meet the preferred target. each of these above mentioned strategies plays a vital role in devising the entire strategy helpful in the growth prospects of the industry.

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