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A marketing plan may be a part of a business plan. It is a solid marketing strategy which acts as the foundation for a well written marketing plan. Marketing plan also contains a list of actions like a marketing plan without a sound strategic foundation.


Imagine a customer is saying to an advertising agency that he will pay them only in that case when he will get leads for an ad from customers or you ask them that you will pay on the basis of sales that you will have due to that ad. In these cases you are not only having difficulty in measuring the outcomes of your work but there are also chances that the agency will not take you seriously. To solve these problems there is marketing program whichis the best use for it. With the help of this approach a web site owner can actually consider your offer. Internet will enable you to pass your ad online through a marketing method called marketing program which is an effective way to increase your web site’s exposure, which will identify new customers and it will also help you increasing sales. According to recent Forrester Research, marketing program is the most effective method of all online marketing methods.


With a marketing program you can hire people to perform particular outcome by making them an attractive offer of incentive. These outcomes may be to increase customer leads for your business, or improve sales by increasing ‘clicks’ to your site. You can also increase sales from a banner ad, graphic, text link or other means such as a newsletter. The incentive is usually a fee that can be usually offered to employees through online transactions, that is basically provided as a flat rate or percentage depending on your respective program objectives.

Tips and comments

Developing a marketing program is not a small task. Marketing program requires financial investment, a dedicated program manager and a solid strategy for its best results. It also focuses on finding and keeping the best employee in order to attain best number of benefits. In any sales oriented organization, the marketing planning function defines the incentive pay plans that are used not only to motivate their employee but also to give reward to their front-line staff fairly and also align marketing activities with corporate mission. Marketing process can be realized more effectively in its last step which acts as the process for marketing controlling. In most organizations, "strategic planning" is considered as the last process, which typically covers a year. Few organizations look at a practical plan which stretches for three or more years ahead which only happens exceptionally in few cases. To make your business plan most effective your marketing program should be more formalized plan, which is usually in written form, as a formal "marketing plan". The summary of the process is that it moves from the general to the specific, from the vision to the mission or from the goals to the corporate objectives of the organization. Marketing program is also an interactive process, so that the work product of each increment is checked to see what impact it contains on the earlier stages, and is amended.

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