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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Product Manager


Marketing is a business of trading products, satisfying the clients and creating a customer value by dealing with the seven essential Ps of marketing which are Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, Packaging, Positioning and People. Marketing product manager handles the first and most important P of marketing. Marketing product manager negotiates the pitching of a new item to the market and to general public. By this means marketing product manager also finds a way to focus on a specific area of public for which the product is aimed at. For instance, during the promotion of a toy, the manager would go for a younger age group rather than the adults, and the opposite will be true for the promotion of an alcoholic beverage.



History of marketing is controversial to this date. Several theories and practices are laid down, and numerous disputes fill the field. After the publication of a book called The History of Marketing Thought written by Robert Bartels in 1976, two different studies on marketing were proposed; one based on theory and the other on practice. Timeline of marketing is full of changes and shifts. Gutenberg, in 1450, brought up the way of promoting a product by distributing flyers and brochures. In 18th and 19th centuries, marketing product manager advertised the brand by the means of magazines, newspapers, billboards, posters and introduced the trademarks and branding of goods. The University of Pennsylvania was the first academy to initiate the course of marketing of products in 1905. Social marketing, that allows us to acknowledge the needs and wants of clients, is one of the most efficient and popular ways of marketing. Today, in 21st centuries, technology and merchandising have gotten more advanced and the customers dominate this modernized era of the marketing world.


Marketing product manager has one of the most challenging jobs in the industry of marketing. 1) Before starting, first properly plan your goals and motives. Make sure your team and you are confident about the product. The product you are promoting must please the clients as they are one of the key factors to the success of your launch. 2) Thoroughly analyze the following factors: customers, competitors and threats, product positioning, market segmentation, strength, vulnerabilities and opportunities. Close research will enable you to follow the right tactics and schemes. 3) Be strict about each activity's deadline. This will insure that the project is completed on time. You can take time management workshops and seminars. 4) Regularly ask your customers what changes they would like to see. Take notes about where your product has fallen short and try to amend the mistakes. Do not forget that there are always some room for improvisation. 5) During marketing product manager often make a mistake of thinking that the more is better. This is not true as things often get out of hands as the manager tries to keep track of every customer and their needs. Keep in mind that a launch of a new object will also affect the marketing of older products. 6) Acknowledge that pricing is only a presentation. Create a price that a client is willing to pay and meets the expectations of the product being sold.

Tips and comments

Being a marketing product manager is not an easy job. It needs your full dedication to work, loyalty and trust of your customers and creativity that ensures the functioning of product during ups and downs of the market. Attend seminars, look out for the new products or brands and work on yourself in order to gain more confidence and success in your field.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/26/2012
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