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5 Tips You Should Learn About Marketing Coordinator


A Marketing coordinator is a person who promotes business, its company name, products and services. His job includes advertising, market research, writing promotional literature, dealing with press interest, along with planning future market strategies for new product launches or special events. Any individual who intends to be a marketing coordinator should have a glimpse of the following aspects.

Step 1

A marketing coordinator has to Coordinate designs and placement of any advertisement campaigns and for that purpose one has have to know the product in all angles to be launched, to be able to market and be creative around it; Maintain and coordinate changes with the designer for the company or clients’ website and any other collateral material; Write collateral material such as manager and partner bios, PDF flyers and other materials as necessary. Furthermore prioritization and organization is the key to efficiency and productivity.


Step 2

Next is his responsibility to maintain firm wide marketing calendar and research new marketing ideas as they are generated the marketing coordinator has to be able to know his market both targeted as well as outside market. This is so because the new products are created, developed and launched in accordance with the changing and prevailing market trends. What modifications and enhancements can be made to the existing products? What is in, what is out, what is liked, what is disliked and what would be acceptable by the people who would be the targeted or intended consumers of the product.

Step 3

A Person who intends to be a marketing coordinator, must have or develop personality attributes like charm in him and is often the single most resource he might have. Personality attributes play a significant role as to develop credibility regarding a person among his company personnel and the clients.

Step 4

Networking and keeping oneself updated is a key factor as building up of strong relationships holds a very strong position for survival and progress in the industry. Reading and researching in the media must be the gray area of concentration of the marketing coordinator as it helps them to keep ahead in the rapidly changing environment.

Step 5

Finally the last and most important of all what a marketing coordinator must have in him are the communication skills as he has to prepare and mail proposals; maintain a pipeline to track all proposals delivered, status of activity and source of opportunity and follow ups on proposals that have been delivered when assigned to do so. The person must have “I can make this happen” kind of attitude in him and enthusiasm.


The relevant creativity of a marketing coordinator lies in being an imaginative writer plus his passion and desire to learn new skills. The marketing coordinator has to own, schedule and write the recaps for monthly marketing meetings, every project he is asked to do he has to own it 100% therefore he needs to be very much precise, thoughtful and concerned about the tasks so performed.

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Marketing involves a wide variety of tasks and dealing with numerous people but can involve long hours and a busy lifestyle.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/25/2012
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