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5 Things You Must Know About Marketing Mba


You have completed your undergraduate studies and thinking about what to do next in life. You may have worked for some time and realised that you are not satisfied with what you have now. The next thing you think is that you are going back to school to get a marketing Mba. A marketing Mba is attractive to many people for various resons. It promises you a better job, higher pay and more success in your marketing career. You may think that it is as easy as enrolling but it’s not. There are few things you need to know before enrolling for any marketing Mba. Before getting into the program find out how suitable it is for you, or is it the best choice for you and your career.


If you are fresh from school and thinking that a marketing Mba is best suited for you, you may have to think twice. A marketing Mba is most suited for a person with a bit of work experience. Although institutions may not tell you this, real world work experience is almost a necessity for anyone enrolling for an Mba. For a very practical programme like a marketing Mba, work experience will help you get the most out of the program and understand some things better as you may have already experienced them in the real world.


Masters degrees programmes are tailored to suit almost anyone. Part time classes will be available in most institutions. Marketing mba programmes are generally very flexible. If you needed to work and still study you could easily do it. Take advantage of this flexibility and let it work to your advantage. With most marketing Mba programmes, you will not have to quit your job to further your studies.

For many people a marketing mba will be preferred due to the financial implications involved. You may think that you will get a better salary than you currently have. Honestly, the difference in salary is quite a huge. According to statistics an mba holder will make more than half of what postgraduate holders earn. Holding a marketing mba may also help you land a couple of jobs requiring a better level education than just a basic degree.

If you are already working, bear in mind that your employer may very much welcome the decision to get a marketing Mba. After all, the employer is bound to benefit from any further studies you may undertake. Most employers will even bear the cost of putting you through the programme. It never hurts to ask; even if no policy exists for this, asimple talk to your employer might just get your marketing mba.

Tips and comments

To many people, a marketing mba means an all new status in your company. A marketing mba may just get your job grade raised. More importantly it could mean a massive promotion for you. I some organisations, it might mean landing tat coveted personal office. A marketing mba may just set you apart from any other contenders for a competitive promotion.

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