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Tips For Marketing Local Businesses


Its no secret that every business is out there to make profit. For local business owners, maximizing the profits isn’t very hard as long as one has the required skills and the right strategies of marketing. Local marketing of a business mainly revolves round the existing clients as well as other potential clients. Every local business has to practice some strategies in order to make remarkable sales and increase the number of clients. If you are a local business owner then the below tips may prove more than important in order to achieve the best in your local business marketing.

Step 1

The main reason for marketing is winning new customers. It is usually very hard to take a sale to a new client as compared to an existing one, perhaps even six times harder. For this reason Newsletters may proof to be a good local marketing strategy especially when you want to get hold of your past customers. Send newsletters to as many customers as you may think of. You should however keep in mind to avoid to much expenses, if printed newsletters aren’t affordable then go for the email newsletters for anyone who subscribes to your website.

Step 2

Have frequent seminars or in other words open houses. This business marketing for local business is very important especially when you want to retain the trust of your already existing customers. It is also a good strategy to keep the name of your company circulating. With good programming its not a surprise you will have media people at your event and who will later broadcast the event hence increasing your popularity.

Step 3

You want to achieve local marketing for your business? When customers purchase your products, immediately send a second offer to them. For instance if you are on the cloth business and a customer buys a sweater from your shop, make sure you send a thank you note stating that the next time they buy another product from your shop they will get like 25% discount. In order to create urgency always includes an expiration date on the note.

Step 4

Use stamps, handwritten notes and stickers on all the daily business mail and on the envelope’s cover. By adopting this local marketing technique it will create an impact like that of a miniature billboard. Your targeted clients will read it first then have an impression on the services or products you are offering. Remember to always keep the message concise and short so that in 10second people will have read it.

Step 5

Have you ever heard of buddy marketing? If you haven’t then this is a marketing strategy whereby two businesses merger to aid in promotion of the other. For your local business marketing this technique will work wonders in increasing sales as well as popularity for your business. For instance, when you send brochures you indicate a business card or a leaflet of another business that you had agreed with to do the same with theirs.


The last and one of t he most important local marketing of a business is going online. Today, almost all customers first visit the internet to research where they would get certain products. So, getting your business online will increase the number of potential clients uncontrollably.

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