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5 Things You Must Know About Marketing Programs


Marketing is the set of processes that are used to create, communicate, deliver and exchange the offerings which have the value for the clients, partners and the customers. It is actually the value which is created for the clients and the customers. These processes are made for the strong bonding and relationship between the customers and the company. It gives the benefit to the company, organization and the stakeholders in return. The goals of organization are achieved only if the needs and wants of target market are known. The marketing term has been evolved from the production orientation and the selling orientation.


There is also a relationship marketing in which the relationship with the customers is built. There are some marketing programs like business marketing and the industrial marketing. They focus on the industry, organization or any institute. There are some kinds of marketing which use Internet for the marketing and that is why they are called Internet marketing. It is also referred as "e-marketing" or "online marketing". The scope of Internet marketing is considered to be broad. It is not just the marketing through the Internet but using the e-mail or wireless media.


Marketing programs are sometimes considered to be the part of the business plan. For the solid marketing strategy the marketing program and plan should be well written. The marketing program should be in written form and in well formalized form. It should be moving from general to the specific program. You should make individual action plan for the every part of marketing programs. Marketing program is considered to be very interactive program. There are some aims, objectives and plans for the marketing program. There are 8 P's in marketing program. Price which is amount of the money for buying the products, Product which is basically the actual product, Promotion also known as advertisement, Placement which means that where is your product sold, People means the business, Physical Environment is also known as the mood or ambiance of your surroundings, Process which means the after sale service and Packaging that your products are protected or not.

Tips and comments

According to Abell the marketing programs should consist of three things; customer groups which need to be served, customer needs which need to be served and the technologies which are to be used. Corporate vision is the best way to be successful in the marketing. Most of the marketing textbooks neglect this factor but it should be considered to be very important. There should be three groups of the material like review of the marketing environment, review of the detailed marketing activity and review of the marketing system.

Your marketing program should have some of the features and characteristics in them. They should be clear having no ambiguous statement. They should be quantified for the monitoring of its performance. They should be realistic as well as achievable. These programs should be focused and the rule which applies to it is 80-20 rule. You should agree that whatever the plan and program is made is achievable.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/29/2012
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