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Marketing is essential for any organisation. Without marketing, an organisation or a business will not be able to reach out to its target customers meaning that it will not meet its financial obligations. Job marketing borrows from this concept of product and service marketing only that jobs are the ones being marketed. Job marketing involves an organisation reaching out to potential employees. A company will list jobs for candidates who can meet requirements. While ordinary listing will only be availed and the rest left to the potential employees to discover, job marketing involves a company going that extra mile to market the jobs and let any qualified candidates know that they are want to employ.

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By using this approach, companies are able to save on time, money and the amount of effort they require to hire as narrowing down on potential candidates is made extremely easy. However as an employer or an employee, there are a few things you have to know and tips about job marketing.

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A good job marketing technique is writing a specific job description. Using an already existing job description as a template to which you make a few changes is a common practice.

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Ask an employee with a similar job description to study it and make recommendations on what should be changed as per the duties they carry out each day. Make the necessary changes to the skills, qualifications and certifications required.

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Post the ad on media like newspapers and magazines and preferably one in line with your core business. For this type of job marketing you can have a brief description of the job and a link that can direct users to your site for more information.

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Post the job online. Post your job description on job searching websites that are biased towards you area of work.

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In this you need to post all the details pertaining to the job. Include instructions on how to apply and use a link to direct users to your website where they may get more information. Career centres are good places to do job marketing as they are frequented by people looking for jobs. You can also do job marketing at university or college fairs. These events are attended by people with the necessary skills and are most likely looking for jobs. Also the physical interaction is very important as you can easily vet eligible candidates even before you receive applications. Again, deal with universities and colleges which offer a number of programmes which are related to the job description. This will increase your chances of landing your desired employee.


Professional institutions can help you do job marketing. These institutions bring together people dealing in the same trade. This provides you with a wide variety of potential employees to choose from. Their websites have job vacancies section so take advantage of this. An advantage of using these institutions is that you are sure you are dealing with very qualified candidates and you do not have to worry about the credibility of their qualifications as this is already taken care of.

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