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6 Tips You Must Know About Assistant Marketing


An assistant marketing’s job is associated with promotion and marketing of company’s products. In this era marketing campaigns are becoming popular, as it plays a great role in selling of a product. For this reason, the job of an assistant marketing became essential. He/she keep an eye on overall marketing process and try to find out the ways to improve current market campaigns. The job involves communicating and coordinating the work of marketing department.

Step 1

The assistant marketing duties cover a range of tasks related to marketing such as communicating the information throughout the department regarding the products and advertisement campaigns. He is responsible for all the marketing strategies from the development of plans to their execution. A marketing assistant has some financial duties as well involving approving invoices, tracking orders, delivery of products etc.

Step 2

Marketing involves advertisement as well; it enhances the good aspects of the product. A product can’t be sold, unless customers are aware about its features. It is the duty of the assistant marketing to make new customers, it is done by advertising the product including giving free samples to the new customer, it enhances the customer’s knowledge regarding product. Although marketing appears very easy but in reality it is very tactful job. Some tips are given below to handle this tough job.

Step 3

An assistant marketing should obtain complete details of the features of the product and he/she should have knowledge of customer demand as well. It will help to provide the consumer what he requires. He also needs to posses good communication skills to make others understand what he is trying to convey.

Step 4

Today is the period of multitasking, so a person needs to be multi skilled to cope with the job’s requirements. Assistant marketing deals with not only marketing department but also sales and advertisement and a bit of production department as well. Role of production department includes delivery of a product in time which in turn depends on its timely production.

Step 5

As technology is growing day by day, assistant marketing needs to be well versed with information technology. It will enable him to learn about how to use technology, in order to reduce cost and improve product’s quality. Networking also requires having knowledge of information technology. It is believed that, to succeed in any business you need to build larger networks. The size of the network doesn’t matters in fact; it is actually the extent of the connection with people.

Tip 6

There is heavy competition in the world as everyone is offering its product at lower price combined with best quality. If you lower the prices your competitors will do the same. So, do not try to use this weapon to attract customers, instead an assistant marketing should focus on quality of product. Assistant marketing should have the ability of working under pressures it will help him to work under any environment.


Assistant marketing job requires lot of knowledge about the products and their best prices. If you consider above tips, it will help you in doing your job in a better way.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/04/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Assistant Marketing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.