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No business can survive and make its place without the proper marketing and advertising. It is very important for the business that its target market should know about its product. This is only possible with the help of marketing and advertising. Many people think that marketing of any product and its advertising is same thing. Where in actuality, this is not the case. They both are two different but associated things.

Marketing and advertising are different from each other in many ways. Marketing is about creating demand for the product. The main theme about marketing is to make more and more people know about the product. Marketing involves everything from concept to design of a product and to its final launch for its sale. For marketing purposes, the company uses different methods and strategies. Advertising is one of those strategies. Through advertising, marketers communicate the message about the product.


If marketing is about creating demand and awareness for the product than advertising is one of the ways through which demand can be created. Marketing is one whole picture and advertising is a small but very important part of it. For example take marketing as one whole fruit. If you cut that fruit into pieces than advertising is one of its pieces. Marketing is one big picture and advertising is a small component of that big picture.

Advertising is the most expensive, attractive and effective component of marketing. The message conveyed through advertising is retained for a longer period of time with the audience and can be recalled immediately. It forces the audience to remember about the product and feels associated with it. Advertising is the root of many other marketing strategies. It helps in developing many strategies and in choosing the best among them. Advertising proves the existence of a product and let it occupy the top position in the audiences’ mind.


Marketing and advertising both are directed towards the placement and recognition of the product. Another important difference between marketing and advertising is that marketing determines the audience and their mindset. Marketing forms the basis for the advertising by providing with the market research data. Marketing includes other activities like building PR, creating awareness, product research and development, branding, designing logo, promotion, and packaging, conducting different activities to spread the awareness about the product and targeting the audience. Marketing is an all rounder tool that works for the product throughout its life cycle. Even the word of mouth is form of marketing.


Marketing and advertising differ when it comes to the mode of payment. Advertising is paid form of promotion for a product. Companies hire ad agencies to advertise for the product and pay them for doing so. As mentioned earlier, marketing is letting people know about the product and this can be done by any mean. At times two people discussing about the product and third one overheard them, this is also the marketing of products.

Marketing and advertising in many cases, used interchangeably, this is the common mistake. They both are different terminologies, serving different functions.

By John, published at 02/10/2012
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