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The processing, creating, designing, communicating, delivering exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large can be termed as marketing. Public relations or in short pr can be referred as the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. Marketing & pr both are very important terms as if you develop and have a good pr you can do a good marketing. As public relations is a public key in marketing. Marketing focuses on products (or services) their price promotion and place distribution. On Wall Street marketing and public relations staff are responsible and they are the ones for representing financial services companies to customers, clients, investors and the general public. As a general factor marketing and public relations are distinct functions. Marketers concern themselves with managing a firm’s reputation whereas; public relations people focus on how a bank is represented in media, and in the case of public companies to investors. Below mentioned are certain tips to establish a presence in your community:

Step 1

• Public relations should be an important part of your marketing efforts. Your use public relations to market your product in special events like opening ceremonies, small parties as small kitty parties are the best place for marketing & pr the more you communicate the more customers.

Step 2

• Getting involved in the community you sit in and communicate by joining different business organizations and service clubs and charities too. The more you socialize the more you can market and pr.

Step 3

• Maintaining the relations with the market you serve by following up the trends and news that do affects your market, you will be considered as the “town king “ the public and media will come to you for your opinion with the marketplace trends.


Today, the art of marketing is far more complex than once it was however many of the basic principles still apply too. However as a general matter of fact marketing & pr concern themselves with how their firms are portrayed by journalists. When research analysts were seen to be insufficiently independent from their banks the roles of PR people become more important too. All financial and marketing firms are more perceived about how they present themselves in front of the media too so as a general matter and understanding to present yourself as an intellectual in the media you need to have an excellent pr in the entire media links and communities if you are good in the marketing strategies and have an ease to communicate and correspond to the people who are interacting with the market you will develop a pr. As having a good pr is now a day’s very important for good business man. 

Sources and Citations

Nothing can replace experience as a general measure you can hire out the best consultants in the world but still you have to work and perform out all the necessary functions and responsibilities given to you to fulfill your task. Nothing can reduce actual experience it will make you a better marketer and pr professional and a stronger team in the long terms measure. To be a good marketer you need to test out many things headlines, offers, copy , time of direct and much more if you are good at pr you will be able to be a good marketing pr professional.

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