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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Work


Marketing is done in order to promote the products of the organization. It gives an immense effect on the promotion and awareness of the product in the market.

Marketing can simply be regarded as the advertisement of the product or service in order to increase the sales revenue. Sales revenue would be increased by the enhancement in the market share of the company’s product or service. By the increment in the market share of the company the size of the company would increase and it would lead to the prosperity of the company.

Market share is an important thing which is to be maintained and improved in order to survive the organization in the longer run. If the company would be able to make a major share in the market, then it would become the market leader and it it would lead the whole industry in which it is prevailing.

Step 1

Marketing work is done in order to increase the market share. Marketing work needs to be understood properly. Otherwise, false marketing work may lead the company to waste its efforts and resources, without any increase in the earning capacity if the organization. There are different things that must be considered for the proper marketing work.

For the marketing work to be executed, a company needs to allocate a proper budget. Without the allocation of the proper budget, organization may not keep the pace of marketing that is required for the growth of the organization.

Step 2

Proper staff must be hired so that a competent staff may provide proper marketing suggestions to the organization, intimately leading towards the prosperity of the organization.

The marketing strategies should be implemented properly and marketing work should be executed in accordance with the planned ideas.

Step 3

It is very common practice that false advertisement is done about the specifications of the products. This is an unethical practice and is unproductive as well, as people would not rely on the marketing work and the future products of the organization, If they have been deceived by false marketing.

Marketing work should not be done in order to ridicule the products of others. This is also an unethical practice and people may lose their brand loyalty due to this unethical practice.


The marketing work should not communicate the flaws in the products and systems of the competitors, as in this way the competitors would come to know about their weak points and they will start to put in efforts in order to eradicate those weaknesses.

Marketing work can be done through different medias like TV, radio, newspapers, and Internet. The mode of marketing to be selected depends upon the organization requirements. For example, if the organization performs it’s functions online then it would be feasible for an organization to market its products and services online.


However, the conclusion is that the marketing work needs to be executed in the proper way and in the right manner, so that the organization may not suffer from the adverse consequences. Marketing work should be done in the right markets where there are chances of growth. If that work is done in already saturated markets then this market work is most likely to be fruitless.

By John, published at 02/11/2012
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