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What Is Butterfly Marketing Software?

Published at 02/08/2012 19:39:17


Butterfly marketing started with Mike Filsaime who was a car salesman that started to use the internet to promote his business. At first he used Internet marketing only in weekends and at nights but after a short while he became an internet marketer. He started in 2004 and very soon he managed to earn large amounts of money. His unique ideas and methods were put in a package and so Butterfly marketing was lunched. This package really made Mike a lot of money and it also made him famous. But what exactly is Butterfly marketing?


Mike says that this type of marketing is based on a simple idea. The general public and the customers advertise your product for you. This is also called viral marketing, because it spreads on it’s own you don’t have to do any advertising after you set up your original system. With this type of marketing you don’t have to spend any other money on advertising, once its set up it will go on by itself.
The Butterfly marketing software is basically a membership website plus an affiliate program, all members are affiliates. The software can be referred as a delivery truck for membership websites or to deliver downloadable goods like e-books or Mp3s. After the sign up, you are awarded with a set of promotional tools for selling your product as an affiliate.
At first this butterfly marketing package had a price of 997$ and all the packages were sold in a short amount of time. After his initial success Mike raised the price of the package to 1497$ and the program was online again. After a while Mike released a book about butterfly marketing and it was sold for just 97$ but it didn’t include the butterfly marketing software. There is a digital downloadable version of the package which includes the software and it costs only 497$, this is the smallest price for the software.


The software is pretty rough some professional assistance might be required while setting up. The software is not very esthetic but if It brings you money who really cares about the looks. You can search the internet for better membership software programs but you will not find a membership system that is so fine included in an affiliate program.
The greatest challenge with the software is making it work accordingly to your personal needs, a lot of things from the original package might require some work before the software reaches your expectations. If you want to try this software you have to know a little bit of HTML, PHP and MySQL. If you are thinking of starting your own affiliate business you might want to hire a professional programmer or even a programming team. Having a good programming team can help you set up the software in no time and also you will personalize your affiliate program much faster.

Tips and Comments

This type of marketing is wide spread and it is a great way to make money. The butterfly marketing is powering a real online business industry.