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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Direct


Direct marketing is the most channel and hassle free form of marketing available today. With the fast paced world and its need for development and advancement, this method proves to a creative and fast selling tool to achieve profit maximization. Sellers tend to directly approach their consumers through the medium of solicited and unsolicited emails, catalogs, brochures and coupons. In order to successfully market a product to the consumers directly, complete database maintenance of current and potential customers is essential. One must note that databases are often sold to competitor companies and are interchangeable as well.

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This new age method of advertising is brought into use where contemporary methods, such as radio, television and newspaper advertising tend to move towards failures. In such a case, it is important to recognize the most efficient method of marketing direct. Firstly, I would recommend using formal letters are the main technique, as the process of opening a letter formally addressed to you is very engaging, and the opener is bound to read the whole thing, since it makes them feel important. If the letter is concise and to the point, that will further increase the revenue earned, as customers get annoyed by monotonous and redundant details. The second important tip is to offer the customers various freebies, to increase company devotion and trying out of products. They can be mailed tiny samples of the product or can be sent coupons through mail, which allow them to receive free samples from retail outlets. This will help ensure, the consumption of the product, so the superior quality can help create preferences. Marketing direct also involves not just mention the products stylistic features, but also what its advantages are. These will be of more use to the customers and should be mentioned through marketing direct.

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A significant concept to establish is that regarding reduced competition hence increased market share. All instances of marketing include this strategy; like marketing direct. If another company is offering reduced prices to sell off stock excess stock, you should reduce your prices even further to combat their market influence. Customers should be informed of these reductions through direct media strategies. This is established as the fourth important tip with regards to marketing direct. It is vital to note that the more attractive the envelope, brochure or flyer, the higher the likelihood of the customer opening and completely going through it. Hence, personalized and unusual stamps should be used, along with colorful pictures that grasp customer attention and manage to retain it. Catchy phrases and articulate references should also be included. Research has previously indicated that sales tend to increase when direct marketing involves communicating with the aid of employee photographs, as people can find the information more reliable and relatable when a face is put to it. Integrating this aspect into marketing direct is a useful tip for increasing customer experience.


Lastly and most importantly, appropriate databases should be gathered. The whole point of direct marketing would completely die, if the letters, flyers etc are sent to customers who don’t need the product. Therefore, the Direct Marketing Association is a vital reference for adding to one’s database, as they provide and sell free customer information. Sellers can use this to target customers, who have a demand for the specific product.

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By Anushay Q., published at 02/10/2012
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