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Marketing Technology refers to the usage of modern day technology as a means of advertising and marketing any product or services of the company. Marketing and advertising over the years has evolved. The earliest of marketing techniques made use of the print media. Information about various products of the companies went out on newspapers and magazines. Then came the digital age where radio and television became the major weapons of advertising. With the fast paced improvements in technology today, the environment of marketing and the related dynamics also change frequently. With this a new term to counter such changes and build new strategies for effective marketing emerged. It is called marketing technology and aims at improving the sale and popularity of a product or service though innovative use of technology.


Nowadays, with people spending more and more time on the internet, the need for companies to effectively target such consumers has risen sharply. The new marketing technology aims at reaching the online customer through email campaigns, events, blogs, web based seminars called webinars, twitter, facebook and other social media websites and even search engine optimization and viral marketing through videos. The new age of marketing calls for understanding the customer and reach him or her through more than one ways. This is important as the interests of people connected to the web vary largely and one person using a particular website for social networking, might not be available on other or might be visible everywhere. Each of the different types of consumers must be targeted differently and for that, a good understanding of consumer behaviour is necessary.


The ways in which market research is carried out has also wildly changed. Now, a research carried out using the techniques of marketing technology would seek to be more dynamic and to the point than earlier, which were collected databases of raw and unprocessed information. The growth in areas of cloud computing and promotion of SaaS together with the sheer number of new entrants and high returns of investment has made the field of marketing technology a fairly attractive one. The realms of digital marketing have also long crossed the realms of the webpage. With rapid advancements each day, the tablets, smart phones and other gadgets are being increasingly used as medium for advertisement.

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The Marketing technology, which we either are consumers of or something we might build upon, can be classified into three main sections: The internal technology, the external technology and product technology. The internal technology are tools like SEO, social media monitoring and analytics that are used to manage and analyse the operations in marketing. The external technology consists of the platforms used to reach out to the audience. Web sites, ads, email campaigns etc are the few of the ways. The product technology is a relatively new domain in marketing technology. This can be classified as some features like social sharing features, location features of GPS and RFID etc. These are features built directly into the any existing product and services and enable never before and viral ways of reaching out to the consumers.

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