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What Is Sports Marketing


Besides being one of the largest industries around the world, sport is something that almost everyone is passionate about. It is one activity that is not limited to any particular age group. Children, adults and elderly all are thrilled by it. Such a popular activity obviously had a lot of demand for various aspects in which sports can be enjoyed. May it be playing, listening to commentary or by watching it live or on television, rising demand for sports propelled this concept from an activity to an industry leading to sports marketing. As the industry grew so did the ways in which people in industry could reach the common public, to increase participation and for other objectives, subjective to each particular outlet of this industry. A relatively new dimension that has branched out is sports marketing.


Although sports celebrities have been approached in the past as well to promote particular brands but sports marketing as a separate professional industry has made its place recently. In past for instance, Baseball players that were famous among the masses would be asked to pose for some tobacco brand and there pictures would get famous, just to symbolize their affiliation with a particular brand.


Since that time a lot has progressed in terms of how sports marketing functions. Now, there are basically three dimensions in which this industry works. First one basically deals with advertisement of sports with other famous sport organizations and bodies which are popular among the audience. Such as English Premier League, Olympics and Spanish Premier League etc. In this first dimension popular athletes are used as well to promote different products by different brands. As we often see in a football match around the periphery of the pitch the banners have ads displayed on them for different football shoes or play station etc. This is how this dimension works. In the second dimension, sports marketing industry tries to promote sports as a lifestyle in different areas around the world with the objective of increasing the level of participation. This is what sports marketing, essentially is, with the end goal of promoting sports and the different brands related to sports by making use of popular events and celebrities. Nowadays, there are dedicated channels for sports. With sports news and prime time’s shows debating over a particular sport. These channels are used as a very efficient tool by sports marketing industry to promote whatever they want to. As a popular activity, sports have a lot of viewers thus, making it an easy way for sports marketers to spread their message. As this industry has thrived, there have been opening of more opportunities for people that were not present before. Those interested in sports can do and earn doing what they love and are passionate about. No longer is sports taken as just a leisure activity, now it is about proper professional careers, by not just playing a sport but by having a job in the industry as well.

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Sports marketing is a prospering industry and it has a lot of potential to grow. If you love sports then you must consider this as a viable career for yourself.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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