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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Network


A marketing network is another name of MLM, meaning multi level marketing. It is based on a pyramidal concept that is borrowed from the real life, and for some products, it is the most efficient method to sell certain products.

It is famous and controversial at the same time, but it is surely a popular selling system. Marketing network was called the wave of the next millennium, and for some people, it is the most promising perspective at this our.

Step 1

As it was observed, the systems that tend to perfection, whether we are talking about spirituality and art have the tendency to reproduce or to imitate the nature. This way, starting with the mechanics and ending with sociology, people developed systems designed to understand what the nature created for us. A marketing network is also based on the same principles. The current production and selling system is based on competition, eliminating the weak and encouraging the strong. However, is this really the perfect system? It seems like systems like marketing network prove that there are alternatives, and even if those systems will never eliminate the classical selling methods, they are still viable alternatives.

Step 2

Marketing network appeared as a reaction of people to this competitive capitalist world. This network implies to work as a team, but allowing the people to maintain their individuality. This way, the people have their own personalities, so they are not only statistics and numbers.

Step 3

If you are implied in a marketing network business, you know that your success depends on the people you help. This new organization creates the possibility for each one of us to learn what it means to have positive thinking. This activity imitates the nature with its structuring method, allowing people that don’t have intelligence and courage to succeed, and to discover a world where your comfort is just as important as the comfort of the person behind you.


The principle of the marketing network is simple, and we can see it used everywhere. Even the biggest tree in the world is the result of a small seed. This is how a MLM network grows. One person is convinced about the reliability of a product, so he or she decides to convince a few other people to buy the same product. This way, the tree develops and the network grows.

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The marketing network has another great advantage over the competitive concept of business. It will allow you to become your own master, and you will have the chance to conduct a constructive work that is not possible in a competitive world. This way, the people near you are not your competitors, they are your allies. Moreover, if you work in a huge corporation, the satisfaction of work is not that great. With the marketing network, you will be rewarded as long as you work. You are your own master, and everything that you do affects your incomes and the results. However, the success of the initiative also depends on other factors, such as the implication of your team members and their will to succeed.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/15/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Marketing Network. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.