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Discover 8 Tips For Sales Marketing Jobs

There’s a difference between sales and marketing that everyone in sales marketing jobs knows, yet it is important to realize that they are integrated, interdependent and require a close coordination for success in sales marketing jobs. Without marketing, you won’t have leads to follow while in the absence of good sales techniques and strategy. By strategically combining both efforts, you will make a powerful impact on your business. Here are eight tips for sales marketing jobs

Step 1

1. Read and follow self-help books on sales and marketing: If your goal is to emerge successful in sales marketing jobs, you will do well to read some self-help books on the subject, for instance, the books by Jeff Shore. It may not be difficult to make great sales in a strong market, but when the market is tough, things are different. Sales counselors will find in his book techniques designed specifically for the most difficult markets. It is not just a survival guide but offers revolutionary strategies for those home sales professionals who thrive on challenges and can face challenges head on and emerge winner.

Step 2

2. Strategize your marketing efforts: Those in sales marketing jobs already know what it means. A sound marketing strategy ensures that you successfully connect to and persuade your prospects that you have what they need. Your message prepares the prospect for the sales. You may combine multiple strategies including advertising, public relations, brand marketing, viral marketing, direct mail and several other strategies to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Step 3

3. Develop a process that combines both sales and marketing: In sales and marketing jobs, one will do well to remember that it takes multiple contacts using both sales and marketing. Therefore, the best strategy here is to combine both sales and marketing efforts together to eventually close the sale. The idea here is to use a closely coordinated strategy.

Step 4

4. Create urgency in clients: You know well that a strong market thrives on urgency that lacks in a weak market. Can you create the same urgency in the tough market? This is in fact the principle that sales marketing jobs professionals will need to keep in their minds when they create urgency in the buyer. They can create an atmosphere of excitement and immediacy irrespective of the prevailing market conditions. That in fact is the key to revitalizing the sales philosophy.

Step 5

5. Avoid “entitlement mentality”: This mentality comes to fore in a prolonged healthy market. This mentality takes for granted a fair share of sales if the counselors show for work and handle the rush of stuff that comes their way. A sales marketing jobs professional may think the market will come to them anyway. This is the mindset that the counselors need to avoid and replace it with a more rewarding mindset. The more rewarding mindset is “maximize.” This is the mindset of the top sales professional.

Step 6

6. Learn the ways of maximizing sales opportunity: The top sales professionals primarily maximize sales opportunity in two ways. One, they maximize their opportunity to sell in a tough market. And two, they maximize their opportunities to grow in a tough market. Top sales marketing jobs professionals habitually take advantage of every conversation. They are able to advance every sale as far as possible. You may have the experience of finding customers coming to the sales office and leaving without buying. Someone stopped the sale. The customer might have a legitimate reason for stopping the sale, but the sales professional must “never” stop the sale. They must take every sale as far as they can possibly take it.

Step 7

7. Keep your level of motivation and enthusiasm always high: In sales marketing jobs, it is easy to burn out in a tough market, but if you can keep the level of your motivation high, you have almost won half the battle. A new sales counselor enters the profession highly motivated but over the course of time his enthusiasm begins to wane. What they often fail to acknowledge is that sales requires skills, and skills come from learning. Any one that needs to learn skills must make the best of learning sessions by being observant and taking notes, identifying improvement opportunities, learning to praise, asking questions that lead to development, agreeing on action plan, agreeing on accountability with a time line and following up. They must form the habit of five seconds of praise at the end of every call and they must call with a specific purpose of praise and encouragement. They must learn to leave encouraging messages.

Step 8

8. Increase your conversion rate: There is a simple formula that sales marketing jobs professionals know (Revenue = Sales Price x Traffic x Conversion Rate). All of us probably know that higher conversion rate means greater revenue which translates into success in sales. But how to exactly make those conversions remains an enigma to most of the sales marketing guys. The best way to impact a conversion rate is through observing the sales encounter, focusing on the B-leads (most of us habitually ignore B-leads) and coaching.


In conclusion, it is evident that it is easy to achieve sales marketing targets during the good season, but the same becomes extremely difficult during tough times. 

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However, a sound strategy and consistent follow-up on leads can ensure the desired level of success for sales marketing jobs professionals.

By Ajit Kumar Jha, published at 02/27/2012
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