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5 Things You Must Know About Fashion Marketing


There are many things that you must know about fashion marketing if you are a marketing person and are doing it in the particular sector. Fashion marketing is just like fashion advertising in which you have to take into account the target market.



Fashion marketing has always been a very current topic as you have to see things that are hot and in trend and the things that are best liked by the people at a particular time. This makes certain fashions representative of a time.


Fashion marketing takes into account the selling and purchasing of all kinds of fads, trends, styles and fashion. There are many things, which must be kept into mind if you want your fashion product to be sold with a really high demand. The key to this particular type of marketing is STP. This STP stands for segmentation, targeting and positioning. You must always be very good at this thing. You have to make segments among the different types of customers. After doing so you need to design your products for each segment. You must also try to create products that suit best the segment for which you are designing the product. You must also design this product in a way that is different from any other type of product. The next thing is targeting. Targeting is very important in marketing. You must know the type of market that you are targeting. If you are targeting a particular age group, then you must design the products according to that age group, and this product should be designed in a way the target market likes it and is very interested in buying it. The next thing is positioning. You must always know where to position your product. For this you have to know about the place that has the most number of targeted people, and then you must launch your product there. This way, you will get more customers. You must also try advertising your product with celebrity endorsements, this way person will have an emotional bond with your product, and they will buy your product for this sentimental attachment. The next thing is that you must try to make your product better than the competitor’s product. This you can do by making your marketing intelligence strong, which would look into the competitor’s marketing strategy, and then you will try making your product better than the competitor’s and adopt a marketing strategy that is better than the competitors. The other thing that attracts more people into buying your product is that you increase the price and make it really high end. This way people will think that your product has something in it that is worth buying, and they will start buying it. This particular marketing strategy is used by many firms, and they are successful.

Tips and comments

Fashion marketing is really difficult as you are always not sure if your marketing strategy will work or not. You just have to be a very keen observer and try dealing with the competition in mass marketing which is just splintering with various marketers.

By Amara, published at 02/27/2012
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