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Most people wish they could have their own business because of the many advantages such a venture has. Owning your own business is a great achievement since it gives you financial freedom and security. Some people start their own business as a way of bringing some extra income while others take it on as a full time job. Starting a business is not for the faint hearted because of the inherent risks. It said that many new businesses close shop within the first year of operation. One reason for this failure is because some business essentials were overlooked.

Step 1

Be passionate about the business. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you make the decision to start a business just because somebody else seems to be doing well in the same. Many have made this mistake and have lived to regret it. Successful business persons are those who have a passion for what they do. When you are passionate about something, you want to make it happen no matter what. Your passion is your motivation. Identify what you are passionate about and use it to develop your own business idea.

Step 2

Research on your business idea first before setting out. You may have all these great ideas about your business but without proper research, you are doomed to fail. Research provides vital information for your own business such as set up requirements, current market trends, potential growth, challenges and competitors. This information gives you an insight on whether or not your business idea is feasible, and will aid in your business planning. Useful research resources include the Internet, hard copy publications and consulting people who have experience in your line of business.

Step 3

Financial consideration is crucial in any business. Proper planning is needed to ensure that all areas of your own business are adequately catered for financially. A business plan is a useful tool to use for this. There are two main ways to get your start up capital, you can save for it or you could go for a business loan from a credit facility. If you find this bit of financial planning challenging, a qualified financial or business advisor will do the job for you.

Step 4

You are going to need some capital in the initial stages of you setting up your own business. This is because most businesses only start to make profits after the first six to twelve months of operation. Therefore, you want to have some capital to keep you and the business going in this initial phase. Make sure your operating capital is separate from your start up capital.

Step 5

Form rewarding business partnerships. If you need a partner for your own business, exercise due diligence. Get a partner who is reliable, honest and one who shares your dreams and aspirations. These are important traits if your own business is to grow to greater heights. Check his or her criminal record.


Even as you run your business, it is important to keep yourself updated with what is happening in your area of operation through regular research. This will help you to make informed decisions for your won business. Attend business seminars or classes, or join a good business forum or network for professional development.

By Sarah Nalu, published at 02/25/2012
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Great Advice For Your Own Business. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.