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Great Advice For Press Release


A press release is defined as an introductory notice to the public as a means of improving relationships and promoting a certain business or product. This can be done in various ways depending on the preference of the company, the available resources and the target market. The person or company announcing the news should carefully prepare the details so that customers and other parties can stay excited about the news but not too much information that will give them everything to expect. Here are some guidelines.

Step 1

Determine the medium. A press release can be announced through various means such as a written article on the web and local papers, a video statement, a radio announcement, a television appearance, or a newspaper or magazine article. The articles or statements presented in news media need to have very good content and mean much to the industry and target market to be included. The articles sent to magazines, newspapers and other media publications can be emailed, mailed or faxed. In other cases, a representative of the media group will be sent to gather information and convert the announcement into their own words.

Step 2

Determine the purpose. It is important to have a press release that will mean much to the business or the company. The idea is generally linked to PR or public relations as a way to boost reputation and improve sales and performance of a given company. In some cases, press releases are done to announce major changes in a company, such as the replacement of a CEO or president. Press release can also be done to announce the launching of a new product or company to ultimately inform customers with the hope of increasing the hype.

Step 3

Determine the date. The press release should be made at a time when the media and the target market will best respond. It can be a strategic way of keeping up with big changes and improvements in the part of other competitors or companies. The date should be carefully selected and will also be included in the press release written statement.

Step 4

Keep it clear. The press release must include the needed information to be divulged to the public and must be presented in a very clear and understandable manner. People should try to avoid using hard-to-understand words or very superfluous statements. They have to deliver the message in a brief way, explaining the details and descriptions carefully. The notes must be direct and official.


Provide reliable facts and interesting information. People should also show the details and facts that will make the press release more meaningful and interesting. They can include charts, data, records and background information for comparison. They should also focus on the interesting details and other bizarre information that will keep the audience interested and looking forward to the next move. In some cases, there can be more than two press releases about the same company or idea. The first one can be a way to drive more people to expect the details of the next one.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/15/2012
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