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Racing car games are a lot of fun and every one of us wants to drive a luxurious car at 300 km/h and race with other drivers. Speed is adrenaline and racing games are trying to bring some intensity into our life. It is a lot of fun to drive a Porsche at great speeds and crash into a wall because you missed the turn. Racing car games let us experience race driving without having to do this with our car on the road. If you are a speed lover you can try playing racing games to experience great speeds without putting your life in danger.


Racing games have evolved a lot since the early days of gaming they are now more realistic they have a lot of great effects and they also have incredible graphics. What attracts a lot of players to racing games is the fact that they can upgrade and modify their racing car appearance or performance. A very fun racing game is Need For Speed Underground, this game allows you to turn a regular street car into a racing car. In this game you can customize everything about your car, you can add spoilers, rims, you can paint your car and you can also increase your engines performance.
Another fun game is Dirt 3, this game is a very fun multiplayer game and it has great variety. In this game you can choose between several types of cars. You can choose a buggy racing car or a truck and other vehicles that increase the level of entertainment that this game provides. This game has great online support and it also has the spilt-screen multiplayer system which allows two players to play on the same computer. This game has pretty high requirements so if you want to enjoy great graphics and have lots of fun you must have your computer prepared.
Another fun and spectacular game is Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. In this game you change your racing car almost after each mission, and driving a lot of cars is always fun. If you have a vigilante spirit you might want to play the cop mode which is a lot fun. Playing as a cop involves lots of crashing and setting traps. This game is very entertaining because it has big number of races and they all are different. There are several racing modes and you just have to try them all.


If you don’t own a racing car then you can at least get yourself a good racing car game or if you are a motorcycle fan then you can try some great bike simulators like Moto GP 2008. What can be more fun then driving a truck or monster truck at full speed through a jungle? If you like driving big fast machines then you have to try MotorStorm Pacific Rift.
Wherever you like racing with big trucks or with a real racing car, games will always try to give us a realistic feeling.

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Racing games are a lot of fun when played with friends online, so racing games are a great way to keep ourselves busy and entertained.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/29/2012
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Racing Car Games. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.