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Now a day, E-Commerce is well renowned at business and organizational level whether it’s a small business or a larger one. E-Commerce is the acronym for Electronic Commerce which refer to selling and buying products through electronic system. Internet and the other computer networks are used as electronic medium for E-commerce. People often buy and sell computer parts online because it is much easier than going shop to shop physically.

Hardware and Software are the two essential parts of a computer system. Mother board, RAM, central processing unit and various types of chips inside the processor are major parts of the Hardware. Software parts can categorize in two types. System software which are essential for the working of the hardware and the Application software that runs on the system and performs users desired tasks.


To assemble computer parts is not an easy task if you are an amature. But it is not an easy job to buy and sell computer parts online. Some may sell fake parts which a customer may not know. Customer should be aware of the online quality of the computer parts. 

E-commerce or buying and selling online reduced our work of acquisition of computer products by going to their company showroom. It’s just a matter of seconds to purchase a product by making an order from homes. It brings easiness to the customers to buy these gadgets.

All we need is to be careful and must be aware about the quality of these products in order to get best end results. Finding an online qualitative computer product is not as easy as finding in the market by visiting it.

E-commerce websites provides a list of computer parts to choose the best among them. These websites come up with a picture of the product, price tag and its specifications. These price tags help the customer to keep check on his budget. Most of E-Commerce websites have different budget range options so that customer can easily get access to its required part with minimum clicks.

They are usually in-contact with the well known banks. All a customer needs a computer, internet connection and a bank account. The money transactions have been done by the banks between customer and the company.
Most available online computer parts are monitor, modems, networking products, LAN cards, storage devices, graphics and sound cards, mother board etc.

There are huge variety of softwares also available, which are guaranteed. Versatility and different versions in each type of software provides advantages to all types of computer components. When you buy and sell computer, you also need to consider if your system will support them or not. As some parts require special hardware preinstalled into the computer.



Certainly it provides an ease to us in speed purchasing without spending time in travelling and looking for the right piece, we can easily order and deliver required part of our houses. But by E-commerce buying we don’t have choice to try it once. What if we borrow with returning option? Who will guarantee that this piece will work fine? To avoid such issues, it will be a good practise to buy and sell pc from good renowned, qualitative and trustworthy sources. Some of them sold their products with some warranty limit. This thing will ensure you that if you face any error their support services will helps you out. The price of computer part should be reasonable and you should check it from other venders as well. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/23/2012
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