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5 Tips To Buy Best Quality Computer


To make a good computer buy, you should first ask yourself a question. The question is "What should I buy?" The answer is "the best." Of course, the answer is extremely subjective because "best" for one person is certainly different from another person. Our definition of "best" is the fastest and largest. Here is a brief description for novices of what they should do and why for a computer buy.

Step 1

For a computer buy try to get a machine that includes basic peripherals. Each computer has four main components: CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. For the novice, it is better to computer buy a device that has all these components, so that, when taken home, assembling the computer is a simple matter of connecting things in place. Let individual purchases of components for those who have more experience in computer buy.

Step 2

Decide for what you will use the computer. If you want to use the computer to surf the web, send an e-mail, text processing or spreadsheet tasks, computer buy basic computer components, the ones which we have described should be sufficient. If you want to use a computer for a career in multimedia, this leads to the need to buy a scanner, printer, digital camera or Digicam, for example. If you want the computer to help in a career in music, you need a quality microphone and a set of speakers.

Step 3

Create a budget and stick to it. How much you can afford to spend on a new computer? Although computer prices are falling, they can create another major expense, especially if you need additional peripherals described above.

Step 4

Now you should start comparing products and looking for "the fastest and largest." By "fastest and largest" we mean a computer with the fastest processor, a lot of memory and largest hard drive capacity. Even if you think that you will not need that speed or available space today, it is important when you computer buy, because you will need it in the future.

Step 5

Try to summarize the best known brands. Although best known brands can be a bit more expensive, a computer buy novice will appreciate the comfort in purchasing a computer from a company that has a record of building quality products, and has funds available to meet services, and guarantees.


Select a store. After you have an idea what you want in a computer and what kind of computer you need it will remain the task of selecting where you want to computer buy it. There are a number of places available, including retail stores, online stores, auction sites. For beginners, we recommend you to computer buy from a physical store. In a physical store, you can see the computer and ask questions. New computer buyers also have access to store warranties and service.

Sources and Citations

These tips should help you select a quality computer. After making these decisions and finally selecting the one that suits your needs, you can then join the fascinating world of software - a world that is as great as the world of hardware!

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/15/2012
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5 Tips To Buy Best Quality Computer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.