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Everyone wants their computer to have latest configurations. Important hardware parts such as the memory, motherboard, processor and graphics card makes the system fast and enjoyable. But all this comes at a cost. Users must decide whether they really want to migrate to new system. To buy computers, there are many online website where the costs of the compters are listed in an efficient and easy manner. The cost of the computer is directly proportional to the hardware cost. Several important points which user must consider before placing order to buy computers. There are many best places to buy computers at a very nominal price with full replacement guarantee. Below are few points, which should be kept in mind before placing an order to buy computers.

Step 1

To buy computers the most important part of the hardware the processor must be researched. Processors are the brain of the computer and the speed of the processors are measured in MHz or GHz. Nowadays, all the processors are available in GHz. MHz are obsolete and are no longer used or manufactured. AMD and Intel are the two most famous and commonly used processors. Dual core processors are also very common in every household.

Step 2

Memory or the primary storage memory commonly known as the RAM is also an important part of the computer system. All the programs which run on the computer system are fetched from the RAM to run. More the capacity of the Ram faster the computer is. Currently, 4GB Ram is very common. Search the web extensively before placing an order to buy computers.

Step 3

there are many online website from where you can buy computers. From here you can choose the features accordingly and see the price which is calculated automatically. Price of the Processors, RAM, and Hard Disk are all available on the website. Several websites also delivers the assembled computer system at the buyer’s preferred place.


Your locality is also a perfect place to buy computers. Their cost may vary a little bit and is generally on the higher side. But, it is important to consider that the shop is near your house and if you face any problem you can just go to that particular shop and file complain, after that they will replace it or send it to the respective manufacturer for repairing it.

additional tip

Another place to buy computers is the authorized seller of that particular brand of computer such as the Dell, Lenovo, HP and MSI. They specialize in particular set of hardware and software. The brand is an important factor in purchasing a computer as they provide the user with table top warranty which means if anything happens to your computer system then the agents from that particular brand will come to your home and repair or replace it without any additional cost. The warranty is also an important part which is added to the set of hardware, software or the whole computer system. For branded computer system, it is advised that you must renew your warranty on a regular basis for any kind of hardware or software error.

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