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What Is Psp Firmware?


Firmware is the system software that is found in some devices. PSP firmware is the software that is the integral system programming of the Sony PlayStation Portable. This firmware is created by the Sony Corporation for their PSP devices and is periodically upgraded and available for download. Custom PSP firmware is developed by hackers and other programmers which is not authorized by Sony and allows the introduction and downloading of software, games, and other applications which are not accessible through the original, official firmware released for the PSP. Downloading such firmware to one’s PSP is a form of ‘jail breaking’ the device, and renders it unacceptable for authorized repairing and upgrading through the company.


The Sony PSP was first released to the public in 2004 with 1.00 system software. 5 models of the PSP have been designed and sold since then, and Sony constantly releases updates for the firmware that increases its functionality and adds security patches. By 2011, version 6.60 of the firmware had been provided. Along with the upgrading in official firmware, a ‘homebrew’ community developed that was dedicated to hacking the PSP firmware and exploiting loopholes through which custom-made software and apps could be run. Time after time, Sony updated the firmware to stop the hacking and prevent the piracy that comes with it. They also restricted those devices from being eligible for warranty which had modified code running on them. The homebrew community has kept Sony on their toes to keep on releasing patches and security upgrades wrapped in new functions and applications to ensure people chose the official updates, although at times they have acknowledged the presence of the homebrew enthusiasm and commented on gaining from it.


PSP firmware is the system software that runs the entire device. Upgrading the software can be done in several ways which are recommended by Sony. The first is by using the ‘system update’ feature that is available in the PSP settings and through the internet the correct firmware is found and the update is applied. Alternatively, the firmware can be downloaded to a computer from the official website of PlayStation and transferred to a memory stick, and then installed onto the PSP. There are many methods of ‘jail breaking’ and installing custom firmware for the PSP available on the internet but for those who wish to stick to official games and applications access they should avoid jail breaking. Versions 1-6 of the official firmware have been put out in installments over the years which dealt with instability issues, functionality problems, and security loopholes. Also, new features like browsers and Skype install, renewed communication access of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and compatibility with other PlayStation systems increase the appeal of the newer official firmware releases for PSP users.

Tips and comments

The PSP firmware used should technically adhere to the rules of Sony Corporation and official updates can be easily applied for the newest upgrades and more advances features. Once the new firmware is downloaded and installed, it cannot be downgraded to an older version, but who wants to go back to the older setup! Most users will be happy with the official PSP firmware and more adventurous customers can explore custom software options through homebrew!

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/19/2012
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