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What Makes the Nervous System Nervous?


The human body is comprised of various organs and tissues. To remain healthy, one is supposed to look after each and every one of these systems. One of the most important systems in the human body is the nervous system and it is imperative not to make this system nervous. The health of the nervous system carries immense importance to the overall health of the body. It is a pre-requisite for all human beings to take care of their nervous systems by staying away from certain things that adversely affect this system as without a sound nervous system, you will not be able to carry out voluntary as well as involuntary movements properly, if at all. In this article we will deal with issues that make a nervous system nervous.


The nervous system basically aids in controlling almost all aspects of our body. The system is separated into three distinct parts: the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system and the autonomous nervous system. The central nervous system comprises of the brain and the peripheral nervous system consists of the spinal nerve. The nervous system kicks into action whenever sensory organs feel anything and need to transmit that sense to the brain. The nervous system consists of neurons which are also called the nerve cells. These cells transmit information to and from the brain in the form of electrical signals. The intensity of the electrical signal is dependent on the type and strength of the stimulus. It is these signals that sometimes make this system nervous.


It can be said without any sort of doubt that a healthy nervous system would mean that the whole body functions well, both psychologically and physically. The nervous system is sensitive to certain things. Materials like heavy metals, if get mixed with food, can cause significant damage to the nervous system. The nervous system has been tuned to work in certain ways. One of its characteristics may be considered as it being able to adapt to situations. For example, if you try to bathe with cold water, initially you feel very cold but once your nervous system adapts to the coldness, the sensation of feeling really cold is reduced. Living a stressful life also impacts the nervous system in bad ways. It makes sure that the nervous system controls your reaction whilst you are in stress and it does not make the system nervous. A stressful person would normally be very alert and on the edge. This is pretty taxing on the nervous system. Lastly, having a poor and incomplete diet also might harm your nervous system. People who don’t take in sufficient amounts of magnesium and healthy food are bound to have an unhealthy nervous system. Having a poorly balanced diet is one of the most common reasons for people having problems regarding the nervous system.

Tips and comments

The human nervous system has a busy job. It has so many responsibilities that it is impossible to even comprehend. To keep your nervous system healthy you can follow certain guidelines and think before you do anything. Have a balanced and complete diet with large doses of natural and healthy food. Also if food doesn’t work, you can try various medicines that consist of substances that are required by your nervous system to keep operating flawlessly. The benefits of an healthy nervous system would be felt by almost all parts of your body. Hence, it is imperative that nothing makes this system nervous.

By Amara, published at 01/26/2012
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