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How To File Bankruptcy in Georgia

Published at 03/05/2012 13:31:33


It may be a difficult decision for one to file for bankruptcy in Georgia, but it might be a decision that will free you from financial burden. You will then stop creditors from harassing you with calls, but your credit will be scarred. Unfortunately in Georgia, this bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to ten years. This depends on the type of bankruptcy in Georgia that you are filing for. Homestead clauses means that you may be allowed to keep your home and your car. This is great news if you are faced with the choice of paying your mortgage or paying off your credit card debts.


The first step when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is to go to an agency to get credit counseling. In Georgia, it is a requirement that a person filing for bankruptcy has to go for credit counseling before he or she can be allowed to file for bankruptcy. You can gather your documents showing your earnings versus your debts, and the total amount of money that you owe your creditors. You also need to make a copy of your own credit report.

The second step when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is to get the paperwork that is required for you to file your bankruptcy. You can choose the services of a hired attorney, and the attorney can be able to peruse your documents and you will get advice on how best you can handle the bankruptcy so that you will have the best possible outcome.

The third step when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is to file the paperwork with the court system in this county. You will need to include all documents that prove that you are unable to pay your debts. You should list all the debts that you owe. If you leave out any debt, you will have to shoulder this responsibility on your own regardless of the fact that you have just filed for bankruptcy.

The fourth step when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is to pay the fee for filing the bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the county of Georgia you will have to fork out a fee of $274 so that you get relief from all your debts. Filings for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Georgia will set you back $189.

The fifth and final step of filing for bankruptcy in Georgia is to complete your debtor education course that has been ordered by the court. You will be given all the necessary information concerning where and when the course is to take place. A certificate will be issued to you once you have been successful in completing this course. This certificate will be submitted to the court when you attend your hearing. This is a preliminary hearing, and one may be asked to attend some additional hearings depending on how the court rules. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is highly recommended so that you can get assistance in such a legal process.


The above tips will help one acchieve the best way to file bankruptcy.


By following the above steps one is assured of a fast way to file bankruptcy in Georgia.