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How to get a credit card

Published at 01/17/2012 07:48:07


With the advent of different technologies human life is getting much easier and luxurious with the passage of time. People want to maximize the extent to get their work done in an efficient and faster way and they always try to find out and grab the opportunities that provide them with such benefits. A Credit card can be included in a category that has made credit related financial transactions comfortable and secured. Usually, customers utilizing the services of different banks, consider the procedure for getting a credit card as complicated and hectic. They generally consider many rules and procedures for credit card issuance of no use and think them unnecessary. However, if we take into account the benefits and comfort a credit card can provide to the customers and the prevention of associated frauds that might incur during transactions; then importance of these procedures becomes evident.


Whether you want to pay your bills, do shopping or even pay to your vendors, a credit card ensures you proper occurrence of your desired transactions. It is much helpful during travelling across the cities and countries. Further, this is the tool that protects your transactions to be hacked and possess several alternatives for blocking or cancellation of card in case of any fraud, as well. All these advantages require few steps to get your own credit card. Although, the procedure for getting a credit card varies slightly from bank to bank, however, some of the most important and common steps include the following requirements to be fulfilled by the person wanting credit card issuance.


The first step requires a person to be 18 years old possessing valid National identity card. He/she must be having a legal and authentic source of income. A checking or saving account in the bank should be possessed by the customer for carrying out and recording credit transactions. In case of a student, he/she must be having some certificate or proof about his/her guardians  income. 

The second phase requires a customer to place a written application of a credit card issuance to the bank in which he/ she has kept the account. The bank describes basic criteria of documentations and verification to the customers. The customer has to submit copies of different necessary documents like NIC, salary certificate, utilities bills, educational charges fees etc.

The third stage is completed by ensuring that the customer requesting for a credit card must have certain level of income, which is usually specified by the banks on their own. Secondly, bank also satisfies itself by confirming that after paying all the household expenses, the persons income is fine enough to meet monthly credit expenses. In case of bearing any prior credit facility by the customer, bank never considers defaulters or customers having bad credit history. Hence in this step, banks usually go through persons utilities bills, food, house hold credit history (if any) and educational expenses sheets.

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After verification of documents and analyzing the persons economic situation, bank sets up the specifications ,limits regarding credit and payment schedule and as the last step, sends this draft to the head quarter for approval and requests for its disbursement. Soon after disbursement, credit card is issued to the customer. The procedure for getting a credit card is completed here.

 Hence with these few steps, you can get your own credit card for safer and easier transactions, whenever and wherever you require.