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Tips And Ideas For Payment Credit Card Online


Making payment credit card online offers many advantages which were not possible through a physical purchase. Processing payment credit card online allows you to shop anywhere, at anytime and also at the best prices, with the click of a button.

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However, there have been reported cases of credit card fraud, by unscrupulous online criminals. This does not mean that you should do away with online shopping, but rather look for ways to protect yourself while shopping online. Here are some safety tips, on how to process payment credit card online.

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If you are still debating whether to use a debit card or credit card to process online payments, then you are well advised to choose a credit card for such transactions. This is because the money that is accessible through your credit card is limited to the credit limit set by the card issuer. Debit cards on the other hand pose a bigger risk, in terms of the funds that are accessible to criminals, should they access your account by any chance. It therefore goes without saying that processing payment credit card online should be your default choice.

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You can also utilize a disposable credit card to process payment credit card online. A disposable credit card works a lot like a gift card; you add a specific dollar amount to the card, which should be good until it’s spent. Once you have spent the money, you can either decide to add more money to it or purchase a new one. The best thing about it is that it holds no personal information which only leaves the money you have deposited into the account at risk, while sparing your personal data from identity theft criminals.

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Another critical factor that determines the security of your account while processing payment credit card online, is the type of website you process your payments through. Different website will utilize different security levels to process online transactions. Some website will offer low levels of security settings, which can be easily broken by online criminals.

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To protect yourself from such mishaps, you should ensure to process payment credit card online, with websites that use the highest level of security to protect their customers. You can tell how secure a website is, by it URL. A secure website will have a URL that start with HTTPS:// rater than HTTP://. Secure websites will also have a small icon in the shape of a lock, at the lower right corner of the screen.


Try to avoid processing payment credit card online through a public terminal at all costs. You can never be sure what type of spyware or malware that has been installed on the computer. The best place to process online transactions is always at home, away from prying eyes.

Some online sites will offer you the opportunity to store your credit card information on their servers, so as to process your payment credit card online transactions a lot quicker and easier. However, if the company experiences an unauthorized data breach, it will put your personal information at risk. You are much better off login-in manually each time, to keep your data safe.

By bernard munyu, published at 04/06/2012
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