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How To Pay With a Money Order

Published at 05/11/2012 20:06:52


The money order is a way of payment of money issued by the post office. It is the safe way to pay the money to anybody from anywhere. The real benefit of the money order is that it reaches at the residence of the person. This is the term in which one can send the money to payee on the amount of a small commission and the amount is delivered to the person and reaches at the residence of the receiver in few days.

Step 1

It is the most economical way to send the money.

How to send money? It’s not a problem at all. One can easily send a Money order from a post office. These days a lot of facilities are provided to send money. One can send money by instant online cash order service of postal department. The other one is the mobile money order service. This service is recently started by Indian post department being tied up with BSNL mobile service.

Step 2

If you are going to send a money order you should use this way-

Purchase a Money order form from the counter of the post office. Complete the blanks with necessary entries as- name, amount, payee, etc. add the thumb mark at the pointed place. All the entries in the form must be legible and written in mostly Hindi or English... You can use the regional language also but these two languages are easy to understand anywhere. Remitter, the person who is sending the money can write some communication on the coupon also. The amount of the single currency order is fixed by government.

Step 3

For more money you will have to purchase another money order. The Money order form should be filled in, with the amount of money and commission presented at the post office counter in cash or by cheque. A receipt will be given to you for the amount you paid on the basis of money and commission. If there is any error or omission in receipt you should point out it because in the case the post office won’t be responsible.

Step 4

After the payment of Money order the payee gives a receipt to post employer that is the certificate of money receiving by the payee or his authentic agent. And the sender can receive that receipt from post office after the delivery of money to payee. In some cases of money orders sent to government offices the acknowledgment is given by the authentic agent of the department to the remitter directly.

Step 5

An international Money order is quite same to general cash order and it is only used for sending the money abroad. A buyer can pay the money for goods and services in other country. These orders are issued by the banks of buyer and paid in the currency that the seller accepts.


Instant money order service is provided by postal department. It is the instant on line money transfer service of the department. It is the online service provided by post offices. The cash order booking service procedure is also too simple. In this service a receiver can get the payment less than 20,000. The receiver can get more money through saving account in post office or in the same instant cash order office.

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