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the Best Deals on Life Quotes

Published at 03/31/2012 13:46:21


Life insurance is meant to give peace of mind to a departed member of the family that his or her beneficiaries are well taken care of, especially if the departed member of the family was the primary bread winner. There are a lot of conditions that accompany this type of insurance, and the policy holder would like to get an idea on life quotes before settling on the insurance company to purchase a policy from.

Step 1

Individuals can receive different quotes depending on their age, gender and lifestyle, and in order to get the best deal on life quotes, there are certain things that you must do. For starters, it is better to have a healthy lifestyle in order to get a good deal on life quotes.

Step 2

Generally, teetotallers get better deals on life quotes than alcoholics, and you are more likely to get a good deal if you do not smoke either. This is because such habits are considered risky behaviour and it is usually unanimously agreed that people who participate in such behaviours are at a higher risk of getting diseases that may kill them such as cancer or kidney and liver failure.

Step 3

It is also vital to take care of your health if you want the best deal on life quotes from your insurance agency. Individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses, for example, diabetes and high blood pressure may get higher quotes; therefore, it is important to always ensure that your health is in check so that you get the best quote possible.

Step 4

Family history may also play a part in the type of deal on life quotes that you receive from your insurance agency, though there is very little that you can do about this. This is because insurance companies calculate the insurance quotes by calculating the policy holder’s risk of dying, and if your family has a history of terminal diseases or premature death, then you may pay a higher premium.

Step 5

General health is an important factor if you intend to get the best quote from your agent. It is also necessary that you keep fit and maintain a healthy weight, as lack of fitness or obesity is normally considered a high risk factor by most insurance companies. However, if you are generally healthy, your premiums may be slashed by up to fifty per cent, meaning that you will not pay as much premiums as unfit individuals, but your beneficiaries will get to claim the same amount of cover in the unfortunate instance of your death.


Your age may also affect the deal on life quotes that you get, and you are more likely to pay higher premiums when you are older than during your younger years. This is because older people are usually considered closer to death, and though this is a bit sadistic, insurance agencies will use your age to calculate your premiums. Therefore it is better to buy your life insurance policy when you are still young.

Most life insurance agencies will require the individual to take a medical test in order to ascertain all the factors discussed above and lying about any of them could be detrimental after your passing away, as the companies usually investigate everything before they respond to an insurance claim, and your beneficiaries may end up with nothing.

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