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Discover New Quotes For Your Business

Published at 02/07/2012 17:01:27

Discover New Quotes For Your Business

People like to hear quotes and say quotes as advice, but it can be really hard to discover new quotes which are perfect for the occasion. Businessmen who are involved with businesses know many quotes about business. The most popular quote about business is “I have no idea that is good. I steal them regularly from my employees and staff.” A person named Duane Jebbett says this quote. He is the CEO of Rowmark. But this quote is not for taking the credit of making an idea. This quote is given from the opposite view of stealing an idea. It means to give power to the staff properly. This quote helps the staff to solve problems more carefully and easily. This is an encouraging quote for the staff.

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Now we come to the next new quotes. One of them is “Get a more comfortable marketing on Splinter net.” Here the word “Splinter net” means the splintering Internet. This quote is for the businessmen who are customizing their contents, marketing messages and products for business. Another quote is “Technology has enabled little companies to do more amazing things.” Phil Simon gives this quote. This quote shows us how the technology can affect a business. This, one of the new quotes, teaches us that we can make a large profit from a small business if we can use the best technology that is suitable to the business. “When a business gains mojo then you will want to be associated” is another new quote about business. Bo Burlingham gives this quote. This quote says us to be grate instead of being big. Mojo is such a thing that can make your business desirable and attractive. In one word, mojo is the charisma of a business.

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“Stop trying to feel people like you - instead care about all of THEM” is another quote for business. Keith Ferrazzi gives this. He is the author of Never Eat Alone. There are so many new quotes about business that can’t be described in a  few words. Some of them are: “Entrepreneurship is not only for faint to heart. Balanced people do not change the world.” Chris Guillebeau gives this quote. This quote said to us that if you are not satisfied with your business you could change it. But if you are satisfied with it you can mix it with your life to make the business more successful.

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“Your employees can think when you are actually not engaged. It will hurt your company.” This is a very important quote for a business company. Mike Faith said this quote about business. This quote says to us to be involved, energetic and interested about our business instead of being very careless. The last in the line of new quotes about business in this article is “Resistance change is often a lack of only clarity. Ambiguity is the main enemy of change.” Dan Heath says this. If we can maintain and follow these new quotes we will surely success in our business. So, try to learn from them and maybe someday you could be quoting new quotes which captures the imagination of the world.


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