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10 Best Disney Quotes

Published at 03/30/2012 17:32:49


Disney has been making children and family productions for a good number of decades and during that time it has won numerous awards in the film industry. The founder; Walt Disney founded this establishment and he did come up with a few catchy and useful quotes that apply to a host of different situations in life. The Disney quotes have quite a clear and straight-forward message and they bring out the thoughts and aspirations of this entrepreneur.


One of the Disney quotes that aims to inspire the reader talks about every individual having a dream and that if these dreams are pursued then they can become reality. This is a very inspirational quote and has a lot of truth in it. It is quite obvious that the man did have a big dream regarding his establishment and eventually after working hard the dream did come true. This quote applies to all the people who might have big dreams but do not have enough strength to chase them.

Disney quotes may also have the aim of encouraging the reader to work hard in order to achieve what they desire. This is the reality in the modern world where one cannot achieve without striving. Such a quote will serve the purpose of instilling a strong work ethic in the masses and make them realize that nothing in life comes easy.


Another of the Disney quotes targets the general outlook of the country. The quote seeks to assure the masses in the country that the future will be brighter provided the basic freedoms continue to be guaranteed and also if the quest for a good life will not be in anyway hindered. The quote will mostly apply to the government of the day with the aim of cautioning the policy makers against drafting policies that might hinder personal freedoms.

One of the Disney quotes is on the subject of helping others to achieve their dreams and ensuring that they live to achieve their goals in life. Another good quote also seeks to advice the reader on the importance of learning from all the difficulties that one faces in their life and using them as stepping stones to better their situations.

There is also another of the Disney quotes that addresses the issue of having a great idea and ensuring that it grows to the highest possible level. Another one also addresses the issue of handling criticism when going up the success ladder and that the important thing is to overlook all doubters and proceed on to success. Another good quote from the man talks about the issue of getting into action the moment an idea comes up.

Tips and comments

The other example of one of the great Disney quotes points out to the issue of people asking what it takes to get to success; the answer being that working towards the same is the only way. The tenth and last of these quotes is directed at advising the masses to always have an urge to experiment on new ideas and extend their imagination.