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What Are Some Cool Quotes

Published at 04/02/2012 06:49:12


If you happen to be looking for some cool quotes, in this age, one can guess safely that it would be so that you can put them up on Facebook as a status message and impress friends. However, be sure you know enough to carry on a smart conversation if you do use cool quotes to start a talk on Facebook! Of course, there could also be other reasons you need cool quotes for, and a lot of people manage a notepad where they jot down all quotes they like. Even so, there is more to quotes than you would think at first, and this article will tell you just what goes into differentiating cool quotes from the rather ordinary ones.


First, different people have different definitions of cool quotes. What is good for one person may seem a trifle to another. This is determined by the experiences through which we have been – when we can associate well with quotes, they are automatically designated cool quotes with us. There are peculiarities unique to all of us, which determine what cool quotes are for us. So, if you think a quote speaks volumes, do not be disappointed or outright disconsolate if others fail to see your point of view!

If you are looking for cool quotes, you need a starting point – the internet will overwhelm you with choices! Think of a book you enjoyed thoroughly, or a movie you really liked, and then look up quotes from the author of the book or the director or script-writer of the movie. You could also look for cool quotes based on a particular theme – categorized quotes are available in a large quantity online.

Is there a person you idolize? It could be a sports person, an actor, a comedian – if you are affected by someone's ready wit, satire or very apt and precise use of language, chances are; you will find that many things they say in public the amount to being cool quotes for you. What is more, you will know more about idol, and will be able to carry on a better conversation when talk turns to them.


Cool quotes are also to be found in unlikely places. Often, Presidents and Prime Ministers have said very witty, humorous things, and jurists indulge in the same very often too. Economists, Historians and so many other academicians come up with their fair share of sayings that will definitely have to be called cool quotes. The cool quotes must not be seen out of context – in fact, they will rarely make sense if you do not know the background of when and why they were said.

Excerpts from songs often make perfectly good, cool quotes. If there is a song you identify well with, and if you are going through things described in the lyrics, you could be on your way to finding another one the cool quotes you can keep in mind.

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There are also books that list quotes, and some of these can be rather cool and brainy.