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Tips And Ideas For Direct Savings


Direct savings can be easily attained if you have a clear goal and vision regarding the targeted amount of saving. At the start it may look hard but as you continue piling up the account, you will become motivated and find your account swelling. To reach at your planned direct saving calls for discipline and commitment. Through direct saving you can find it easy, accumulating enough for your needs. You can plan for a vacation, buying property or other important family needs. Regardless of your need, its crucial to keep the plan stamped at the back of your brain.

Step 1

Once you have the goal firmly in your plan, then you can go on and set the time limit for setting a constant amount of money aside as savings. Timeframe setting is important as you can evaluate whether you have achieved your goal or not.

Step 2

It is easier to monitor the progress of your direct saving with time. As you set the time, ensure that it is easily achievable and realistic. Make sure that you have not strained yourself in reaching at your saving goal. By having a set time limit, you can then divide it according to the frequency of doing the direct saving. The frequency of saving can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Step 3

It depends on how frequently you get paid or the frequency of getting your money. When you have established the frequency of savings, you can go on and decide how much direct saving you will be making per time. Some plans may need much time and others take short time. It will depend on how sensitive the matter maybe.

Tips and Comments

The next thing is to determine how much you will have by the end of the saving period. You can simply do this by multiplying the amount you will be saving per time with the number of times you will engage in saving. When doing direct saving it is advisable you add up a certain percentage that will coverage or cater for additional expenses.

You can add five to 10 percent of what you have set as the total amount to save. In some cases when you are looking forward to an vacation, some prices in accommodation and airfares may change that will need you to dig further in the pocket. 

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 04/06/2012
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