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How To Make High Savings


Earning a lot of money for savings is a goal that most people would like to achieve today. In the current economy, having a high savings account balance can be the difference between safety and disaster if a financial pitfall ever shows up on the horizon. There are ways to keep this money safe and out of the pockets of others. Sometimes it is poor financial decisions that make our savings slowly diminish, and other times it is spending that puts us on the road to financial ruin. Below are a few steps that can be taken to keep a high savings account balance and keep your financial future bright.

Step 1

Put all extra savings in high yield savings account. Most of the banks that we use for our everyday financial needs do not offer very high interest rates on savings accounts. There are a few though that offer more than the others. These are the banking institutions that you want to put your money into so that every year you get more back in return. Finding a bank like this can take some research, but it is well worth the effort when you get a few extra hundred in interest earned at the end of the year.

Step 2

Put the money into a savings account you rarely see. If you have the problem of spending the money once you have it then consider putting this money somewhere you can't access it as easily. This can be done by using a different banking institution to keep the money. This way you can't use that savings account without going to the other bank to withdraw the money. If you have the habit of using a spending too much because you know savings will cover the difference then this is a good plan for you. You won't be able to get access to the money without making the conscious decision to withdraw it. This will help to keep a high savings account balance.

Step 3

Consider investing some of the money. If you have a good deal of money set aside you can consider investing some of the money in safe investment accounts. This can help the money to grow at a much faster rate than if left alone in a savings account. Ever year if the investment account improves you can take the money made and put it into your savings account for later use. If you feel you are going to continue making money and are comfortable with the risk, you can invest the earned money also. Be sure to do research or consult a professional before taking this approach.

Step 4

Invest in yourself to make savings grow.If you have a particular talent or niche, but need a little money to turn it into a profitable business, then maybe you should consider investing some of that money in yourself. If you are confident in your talents you should be able to make money and this too will lead to a high savings account balance. Any money you make from your business can be put into the savings account and saved for a rainy day.

Step 5

Budget the money you already earn. If you earn enough money to pay all your obligations then perhaps budgeting can save even more and lead to a high savings account balance. Most of us don't realize how much money we waste every month on items or services we could do without. If you put a budget on paper and analyze it you can see these gaps and put a stop to them so that you have more for savings.


There are a lot of ways to keep a high savings account balance and still enjoy your money. All it takes is some careful planning and you can see your account balance grow. You will thank yourself when a financial struggles starts to take shape and you are ready to handle it head on.

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By Michael Banks, published at 02/28/2012
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