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Published at 04/05/2012 20:59:57

Introduction: Finance Tax

Finance tax is a tax that is placed on a particular type of transaction for some specific purpose. This is one of the most common procedures used in the financial sector. There are many ways finance tax is required in financial sector. You must know that this is not related to the consumption taxes that consumers pay. This is a tax that is not a charge on financial institutions. 

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This is used only where specific transactions are taken that are assigned as taxable. This is a different type of tax that is not generally used in common tax purposes. This is meant to be used in special cases only. The use of this method is done when there is a transaction from the financial institution done. 

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Finance tax is a method that discourages excessive speculation only. This does not discourage any other activity instead of speculation. There are many different types of finance taxes that are available to people these days. Every tax service is different from the other and everyone has its own values.

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History of finance tax

There is a long history of finance tax. The first signs of this were seen in 1694. The early implementation of the finance tax was started in the form of stamp duty at the London Stock Exchange. The tax had to be by the consumer for the official stamp that was present on the legal document. This process is still available in Britain. In 1936, the actual implementation of finance tax was done for making special tax exchange. There were many changes in the process of this tax form. Today, this is used for transactions from many financial transactions.

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Features: Finance Tax

There are many features of finance tax. The basic purpose of finance tax is to offer tax on every specific transaction. There are also many types of finance tax too. Each of the type of finance tax is different from other. This may be noticed that there are different types of finance taxes for different countries. The rules are different for different countries.


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There are many things finance tax effects. The evaluations of finance tax show effects on volatility, liquidity, price discovery, revenues, share prices, progressive and regressive tax, and technical feasibility. These are the functional areas of finance tax. The basic purpose, as already said, is based on the specific transactions. However, there are three other major perspectives that the whole system is based on. These are the following:

• Shortening volatility of financial markets

• More fair and reasonable tax collection

• Less vulnerable to tax evasion than the substitutions.


There are many things where it is applied. One of the main benefits of finance tax is to provide equal tax collection at reasonable rates. This way, the tax can be collected efficiently from all people in reasonable amounts and without any partialities.

Comments on finance tax

Finance tax is helpful in providing many benefits to the government. This is also helpful in making equalities in the society. This way, equal tax rates are applied on every person.