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5 Things You Must Know About Filing Tax Free

Published at 04/05/2012 15:08:34


Paying taxes is the fundamental responsibility of all citizens of all countries. Filing your taxes annually is of utmost importance and it must be done after proper documentation. Usually all working citizens are given a specific time limit to file there tax returns each year. But often people either ignore paying the taxes or just forget. Filing tax free can be done online. There are several softwares that can help you calculate your income tax return amount once you enter the data. You can also receive expert tips and suggestions from various tax consultants, lawyers or in the internet itself to save your taxes and perform filing tax free. Some of the tips are mentioned below that may help you in filing tax free:

Step 1

Tip 1:

Opt for the best reputed electronic tax service providers available in the internet. Ensure that the organization has an approval from the tax department of your respective country. Apply for their aid and consultation on your tax returns. Filing tax free can be done and your documents and financial records will be kept secured from any malicious use. The data from the client and to the client are encrypted so that if anyone at all succeeds in obtaining the message fails to decipher it.

Step 2

Tip 2:

For filing tax free you can take help from the various firms like the “tax yogi”. They offer you filing tax free, proper management of taxes, extension of tax payment periods, and professional advice on tax payment for free. You can also apply for a tax extension through these organizations for free. Non payment of tax returns is a punishable offense.

Step 3

Tip 3:

You need not go for filing tax free income of you have PAN. If the total yearly income of yours exceeds the standardized minimum exemption limit then you must file for income tax. You can avail the scope of filing tax free with “taxsmile” and utilize its services if you are in a service and salary is your sole mean of income, or you have a house or such land property from which you earn our living. You can also opt for this free help if you receive pensions, earn from investments, bonds, funds etc.


Tip 4:

While filing tax free with such internet taxing websites, you must keep in mind that your tax will be filed via the internet itself and not manually. Such firms usually have tie ups with the government and have government approval for filing taxes of people. These firms prepare the tax return documents online. But it is advised that you cross check the calculations in case there are any mistakes. Only after getting it properly checked get a print out of the tax return plan.

Tip 5:

If you do not encrypt the income tax files and documents, there will be an authentication process. This will verify the e-file of your tax return documentation. The best thing about filing tax free in these websites is that you can stay novice about the laws of income tax payment. The tax consultants themselves will evaluate the laws and compute the amount payable as tax for free.

Try to follow these things while filing for income tax return.