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Advantages Of Building a Website on Godaddy

Published at 03/02/2012 21:36:24

Introduction to web building

Do you want to build a personal or professional site on the Internet, but do not know how to begin? Are you comparing web services in order to establish a web site that is less time consuming? Are you searching for a manner to get combination of a domain name and a website service at the same time? Then you should try out (GoDaddy).

About GoDaddy

Made popular by the Dana Kirkpatrick (race car driver) and the Jillian Michaels (fitness guru) advertisements, Go Daddy is a web site which allows you to choose any domain (the top three [.com, .net, and .org] domain names) names as well as additional domains (.us, .co, .me, and other domains). Are you an expert at building websites? Well, do not worry. GoDaddy has a feature (a site builder) which allows you to build sites step-by-step. The step-by-step website builder includes tutorials, templates, site enhancements, and even more! This is so that your website will look presentable. If you want a professional looking website, you can pay someone else in order to create your website. GoDaddy also has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates if you have a site that needs to be secure, such as an online shopping site or a web form. This lets visitors to your site know that their information is secure and transmitted securely on your site. GoDaddy states that the SSL certificates and the website has over ninety percent uptime. GoDaddy supports 256-Bit Encryption and is compatible with any type of browser and works with unlimited servers. There is a SSL Installation Tool, in case you are new to SSL. And, the pricing is extremely cheap. The service is just over $5.25 per month, as of February 2012.

Available options in GoDaddy to purchase

GoDaddy has many features that you can set up. If you want to buy a domain, the pricing starts at almost ten dollars for top domains such as .com, .net, or .org. You can even buy e-mail service. The e-mail service includes a free calendar and a free online file folder. Viruses and SPAM e-mail are pretty popular in getting into people’s e-mail accounts. However, you can get a Virus checker and a SPAM e-mail blocker for the e-mail accounts that you will be configuring. GoDaddy initially offers a web based e-mail to check from your website. This can be set up as or You can customize the colors and the outlook of the web mail, by editing the preferences of your web mail server. You have to log on as administrator in order to do this. If you are on the run, you do not have to check your e-mail on the web server. You can have the e-mails downloaded to your favorite e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and other clients for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, as well as Google Chrome. The web mail is secure, and is supported through IMAP and POP protocols. When you set up your e-mail account on your home computer to be configured to your webmail account, make sure that you have the mail stay on the server. The POP mail will delete your mail on the server if you select the option to not leave the mail on the server.