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How To Finc Compatible Hardware For a Computer

Published at 03/07/2012 12:25:58


There is a term used “Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)” which is used to find out the hardware devices (servers, desktops, laptop systems and peripheral devices) that are compatible with your computer. It gives you certain list of computer hardware devices. This list is actually a database which contains hardware models and the compatibility of that specific hardware with a certain operating system. This list can be maintained by a single person or a group of persons. This list gives the list of hardware that is tested with windows products; keeping in mind the compatibility as well as the stability issues. If you want to install the windows on your computer then you should check the HCL; that is your computer certified by Microsoft? HCL also gives you the information of software which is available.

Step 1

If you are using Windows Vista and you want to find out that is your computer hardware compatible with your windows, then go to the Windows Vista Compatible Center website and it will show you the list of hardware devices that are compatible with the Vista windows. Hence you can find the computer hardware compatibility.

Step 2

If you are using Windows XP and you want to update your computer to Vista windows then you may find out by going to the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor website. Through this your computer will be scanned automatically and you will come to know the devices that should be upgraded before upgrading the windows.

Step 3

Ubuntu gives support for the computer hardware which runs on many computers. You can check the compatibility of computer hardware with Ubuntu by the use of Ubuntu desktop CD. It will load a version of Ubuntu on your computer, that version would be cut-down version which you can delete after wards. You can check the devices for example, if your sound-cards are working correctly, or your printer is giving correct output. You can also find the compatibility of your computer hardware in following way.

Step 4

Press start button, go to the run, type devmgmt.msc. It will start Device Manager which displays all the devices which are connected to your computer. Then note down all the devices which are not working correctly or which are not in right order. Have a look on the Ubuntu Hardware Support Pages and see if your device is un-supported then search Linux compatible drivers for your devices. To make your device work or run properly, install full version of Ubuntu on your computer. If it does not work properly then search for the Ubuntu Support Channels and you may seek help there from people on the forums. Or you should buy a new device in a replacement of the unsupported one.

Step 5

There are some of the devices which are poorly supported by the Ubuntu. These are as following:

  • Software dial-up modems.
  • Various USB broadband modems.
  • Scanners.


If you are using Xbox LIVE then you may find the compatibility of the hardware by referring Xbox LIVE Compatible Hardware List. Firmware makes Xbox LIVE compatible.

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