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Let us begin with first understanding what information technology (IT) is. Numerous definitions in books and all over the internet seem to make the concept of IT even more difficult to comprehend. In simple words, information technology is the science that deals with data and information. It provides businesses and large corporations with an effective computerized approach to store and manipulate large amounts of data and information. So basically, IT is accountable for all computer programs and systems that exist primarily for the administration and processing of data and information. All the relevant jobs IT has generated cater to this modern day need.


In the early years, IT was not much known and there was no such thing as a degree in information technology. As many organizations started growing bigger, there came a need for large amounts of information to be stored and ready for access in a paperless environment. The idea was to make it easier to process data and make it available to those who needed it. Hence, computers were interconnected to form networks. People came to know about jobs IT when the term was first mentioned by Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler in an article that they published in the Harvard Business Review. The expansion and implementation of information technology in seemingly every organization, brought with it a great number of jobs related to the field.


One of the most fascinating jobs IT industry has to offer is that of an ethical hacker. From movies we have come to know of hackers as criminals that break into computer networks and steal information. However, companies specifically employ hackers to test their security level and find loop holes that could potentially lead to much damage if not fixed; hence the term “ethical” hacker. Another great job is that of a Systems Administrator. A systems administrator is hired for the sole purpose of making sure everything works just fine. The systems administrator installs and upgrades software, monitors hardware performance, and is responsible for making routine system backups so that data is not lost. Companies are also always looking for Network Engineers. The responsibilities of a network engineer are much more like those of a systems administrator’s. However, network engineers are only concerned with the network that has been established within and has expanded to other parts of the organization. Another very interesting job in this field is that of a Java Programmer. If you know Java and are good at it, then to several companies out there, you could be an important asset. Java programmers develop applications that are used throughout the world. Similar to a Java programmer, another much coveted job is that of a .NET developer. Finally, a job much more important, and one that demands the most skills is that of a Database Administrator. Database administrators are given the great responsibility of handling the company’s data. They are usually programmers as well, and require the most skills to carry out their responsibilities efficiently. 

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Offering courses in IT has become much vital since every modern organization now relies on information technology. New jobs keep coming and going, but at the end of the day it is crucial to remember that it becomes much easier to do something for the better part of your day if you enjoy it.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/04/2012
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